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Perkin JANUS G3 Liquid Handler w/ Span8 - AV

Perkin JANUS G3 Liquid Handler w/ Span8 - AV
Perkin JANUS G3 Liquid Handler w/ Span8 - AV

Here is a Perkin JANUS G3 Liquid Handler w/ Span8

Made in 2020

P/N YJL8001/F

- This system is equipped with a Varispan 8 arm that allows for a liquid transfer up to 500ul
- This system is equipped with a barcode station for reliable sample tracking.
- This is a disposable tip system with available washing to prevent cross contamination
- This system will be correctly packed for safe shipping either domestically and internationally

Predecessor to:
Current model

This Perkin JANUS G3 Liquid Handler is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Perkin JANUS G3 Liquid Handler passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Communication with software: PASSED
Initialization and homing: PASSED
Liquid transfer using Varispan: PASSED
Peristaltic pump wash procedure: PASSED
Barcode reader: PASSED

System consists of:
Perkin Elmer JANUS G3 liquid handler
Varispan pipetting system
G3 barcode assembly
Perkin Elmer peristaltic pump for wash system
Plate adapter support tile (Qty. 8)
Medium plate adapter support tile (Qty. 4)
Wash bowl tile and waste tube
24-position vial chiller rack
Tip trash chute
Desktop PC running WinPREP software ver5.5 (w/ monitor, keyboard, mouse)
Communication and power cables, and fluid lines for peristaltic pump.

Configuration and Setup:
Robotic Arms: 8 tip Varispan (short tip)
Channels: 8
Volume: 1-500uL
Disposable Tips: 20uL, 200uL and 1 mL, and 25uL and 175uL filter disposable tips. Tips are available in liquid sensing (conductive) and non-sensing.
Application: liquid handling and sample preparation

G3 barcode assembly
Dimensions: H 38" (965 mm) x W 70" (1780 mm) x D 35" (890 mm)
Power requirements: 100-120 VAC @ 50-60 Hz or 200-230 VAC 2 50 Hz
Expanded deck version to allow for barcode reader
AccuSense liquid level detection
Peristaltic pump for tip wash

Video Description:
The video gives an overview of the Perkin JANUS G3 Liquid Handler, and also performs functionality.

Datasheet: Perkin JANUS G3 Liquid Handler

Brochure: Perkin JANUS G3 Liquid Handler

Manual: Perkin JANUS G3 Liquid Handler

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