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How we pack

At Boston Industries, Inc. we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to ensuring that every shipment reaches its destination safely. Here's a glimpse into the painstaking care we invest in packing each shipment:

  1. Comprehensive Item Assessment:

    • Every item, regardless of size, undergoes a thorough preliminary inspection. This essential step helps us discern the unique packing requirements and select the most suitable method and materials.
  2. Tailored Packing Solutions:

    • We meticulously devise customized packing solutions, understanding that each item has distinct needs. Whether encased in a box, crate, or secured on a pallet, every shipment is afforded maximum protection.
  3. Selection of Premium Packing Materials:

    • Only the highest caliber of packing materials are employed. This includes robust, double-walled boxes for smaller items and durable, strong crates and pallets for larger freight, all capable of enduring varied pressures and conditions.
  4. Precision Sealing:

    • Each package, crate, or pallet is securely sealed with industrial-strength materials. This safeguards the contents from external elements and reinforces the integrity of the packing structure during transit.
  5. Explicit Labelling:

    • Detailed labels, indicating 'Fragile', 'This Side Up', or 'Handle with Care', are affixed to each shipment. This level of communication is vital, ensuring all handlers and shippers are aligned with the requisite care protocols.
  6. Thorough Final Inspection:

    • Before any shipment departs from our facility, a final comprehensive inspection is conducted. This serves as our ensuring that each package, crate, or pallet is optimally prepared for its journey, however demanding it may be.

Our rigorous adherence to this packing protocol is designed to instill confidence in our customers, reassuring them of the unwavering safety and care bestowed upon their valuable items.

By meticulously following this process, we aim to give our customers the peace of mind while their equipment is in transit to their laboratory.   

Please note any crates or pallets used for international shipping are ISPM-15 stamped, assuring hassle free customs clearance.

Below you may find a few examples of instruments packed for either freight or parcel shipment.

Crate shipment of Tecan Evo instrument in a well-constructed custom crate:

You always want the Instrument to not be directly on the wood deck of the crate. This is done by placing it on foam, inside of the crate. We use 2” 1.7 lb. density foam which works great. It provides cushioning and enough firmness to support the Instrument.

The next step is to make sure there is nothing on the deck of the Instrument and the Head/ Arm is secured. In some cases there will be multiple arms to secure but for this example there is only one. The reason for this is so there is no free movement during transit which could cause serious damage to the Instrument.

The next step is to make sure your Instrument is covered in either a pallet bag or shrink wrap so no dust or foreign object will get into the crate.

The next step is to secure the instrument inside the crate by bracing. We use a method of 2x4’s which have 1” foam shrink wrapped to them so no piece of wood touches the actual instrument.
Final step is to photograph everything inside the crate and then seal it with screws.