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Our Microscopy Capabilities

Welcome to Boston Industries, Inc. Microscope capabilities page:

At Boston Industries, Inc., we resonate with the intricate and detailed demands of modern scientific research. As a specialized provider of pre-owned research microscopes, we bridge the gap between sophisticated research requirements and cost-effectiveness. 

We specialize in the higher-end microscopy options that are commonly used in College/University laboratories and the varied fields of commercial research facilities.

We are already a registered pre-owned vendor to most of the larger US and Canadian Universities and Colleges, multiple EU schools, and many customers in the corporate and startup world.

We have extensive experience shipping microscopes to customers around the globe.

What We Bring to the Table

Our microscope inventory encompasses a wide spectrum of pre-owned research microscopy options from manufacturers such as Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus, and Leica. Please note we are not affiliated with either of these fantastic brands. We do, however, stock and carry a large variety of pre-owned microscopes originally manufactured by these companies. We offer custom-configured microscopes that may be used in routine research biology or material work to high-end confocal and electrophysiology solutions. 

Our core competency are customized research microscopes for observation techniques such as Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase Contrast, Fluorescence, and DIC. 

Additionally, we specialize in automated microscopy (fully automated microscopes or imaging systems).

Proven Technical Competency in Microscope Reconditioning

Each microscope undergoes refurbishment and optimization under the experienced hands of our microscopy team, ensuring these microscopes perform their duty well. From optical alignment, mechanical adjustments, and electronic diagnostics, we ensure every component of the microscope operates with precision and reliability.

In our strive for technical excellence, our methods of microscope reconditioning and quality assurance are continually refined through a robust feedback loop, engaging our in-house processes and customer experiences, ensuring that our methodologies are not just current but also constantly evolving.

Parts Availability

We stock a large amount of repair and upgrade parts, which gives us the ability to build microscopes to customer requirements.


Technical Sales Team

Our capable technical sales team is adept at understanding your detailed research requirements, ensuring you are paired with microscopy solutions that align well with your application needs. We take time to consider many factors that come into play when choosing such a solution. We are also humble to say when we do not know something and ask you the customer for feedback on how we may improve. This over the years has allowed us to hone our knowledge and do better each and every time. Thus offering a higher quality experience for the customer that comes next.

Our customers are welcome to demo microscopes in person


Microscope Availability and Timely Delivery

We stock hundreds of microscopes with many of them ready to go. This allows us to deliver microscope to you in a timely manner. Need one very urgently? Let us know and we will see what we can do. 


Microscope Delivery

We take utmost care in making sure microscope or imaging systems your order will arrive to you safely; if someone tells you packing a microscope for shipping is easy...well, we are going to disagree. 

We ship a small portion of microscopes via UPS, with most of them shipping in a custom wooden suitable for both US and Domestic shipping.


Post-Sale Support
We not only facilitate a smooth transition of the microscopes from our facility to your laboratory but also, depending on customer needs, offer a post sale assistance that is in line with customer needs:

These are the optional services that we may offer:

  • Local Installation/training within Boston/Cambridge and surrounding areas 
  • Remote-Installation and training 
  • Extended warranty options
  • Microscope parts support and upgrades


Client Experience
Our clients enjoy working with us for multiple reasons, and even though we often offer fantastic value for your budget, this is often secondary to the care and effort we place into working with you. Best summarized by these internal values:

  • Listen and ask questions 
  • Learn from customers on every sale 
  • Hone your technical knowledge daily
  • Put effort into your communication
  • Sell only what the customer needs
  • Teach the customer something new
  • Be humble


Customer References

If you are interested in hearing about others' experiences in working with us. We would be more than happy to provide you with customer references for the type or brand of the microscopes you are considering buying.