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Boston Industries Inc. based in Walpole, MA, specializes in offering a comprehensive range of pre-owned and refurbished laboratory instruments from various manufacturers. We maintain a diverse inventory that includes, but is not limited to, automated liquid handling equipment, centrifuges, microscopy and imaging systems, microplate washers, dispensers and readers, flow cytometry systems and various other laboratory analyzers . We continually replenish our stock to ensure a wide selection within categories we specialize in.

Please note that Boston Industries Inc. is not a manufacturer of instruments we sell, but rather an experienced service facility that is able to inspect, repair and service these instruments. Bringing immense value to customers that work with limited budgets and otherwise would not have the opportunity to procure these instruments new.

We are dedicated to ensuring that every piece of equipment meets the highest standards of quality and functionality. Each item is meticulously cleaned, inspected, serviced, and tested before being shipped to your lab.

Clients are cordially invited to visit our facility, conveniently located 30 miles south of Boston, Massachusetts, for an in-person inspection and preview of instruments we carry. We are committed to transparency and are happy to provide additional information, photos, videos, and documentation for any instrument we offer.

In terms of pricing, we strive to offer the most competitive value in the market. If a client finds comparable equipment at a lower price elsewhere, we welcome the opportunity to match or beat that price, underscoring our commitment to delivering value.

Boston Industries, Inc. also facilitates the smooth shipping, crating, and delivery of laboratory equipment. We leverage our extensive experience in logistics to ensure that each piece of equipment reaches its destination safely and promptly. Whether the delivery is within Massachusetts or across the globe, we work closely with reputable carriers and crating companies to uphold our quality standards and make this process easy for the customer.

Additionally, we are always seeking to acquire laboratory equipment within categories we work in and align with our ongoing inventory needs. We offer a convenient solution for institutions looking to upgrade or dispose of their older instruments, with a focus on items that are less than 8-10 years old.

We provide a 60-day warranty period from the delivery date, with extended warranty options available on many instruments.

It is our privilege to serve a diverse clientele, including universities, hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, mid-size businesses and startups. Our valued customers trust in our ability to provide high-quality laboratory equipment that aligns with their budgetary constraints and delivery timelines.

In the rare event of any issues post-purchase, clients can rest assured that Boston Industries, Inc. is fully committed to resolving any concerns promptly and to the customer's satisfaction. Our approach to customer service reflects our overarching goal – to uphold the highest standards of quality, value, and integrity in all our interactions.

We are always happy to provide references!


Below you may find the map showing universities locations we worked with around the globe