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Solid-phase Synthesis

Brand: Protein Technologies Product Code: 24927
Number of Reaction Vessels/ type of Agitation : 2/ N2 Mix or Vortex Mix
Synthesis Scale Range: .005 - 2.0 mmol
Solvent Positions and Sizes: (2) 4L Solvents, (3) 1L user-defined solvents
Amino Acid Positions: 101, 11mL capacity
Supported Chemistries: Fmoc, T-Boc, organic, peptide, cyclic, branched, PNA
Brand: Intavis Product Code: 17285
Max Peptides: 2400 on 4 membranes in one run
Applications: Epitope mapping, Protein Interaction studies, Binding domains, Vaccine development, Receptor binding
Modules: Column module, Plate and mini-column module
Software (Not included): MultiPep RSi
Power Requirements: 220-240V, 50Hz or 110-115V, 60Hz
Brand: H.E.L Product Code: 16785
Temperature Range: -60C to +225C; Temperature Mode: Jacket control, reaction mixture control, distillation (constant or ramp)
Capacity: 8 samples in parallel (up to 120ml)
Reactor Sizes: any vessels from 2ml to 500ml, standard or custom
Stirring: built-in “suspended” magnetic stirring, overhead stirring optional
Data Handling: Real time monitoring, featuring graphical and numerical displays; Data Transfer: to PC Via Ethernet/wifi connecti
Brand: Protein Simple Product Code: 16747
Number of Amino Acid Bottles: 20
Number of Reaction Vessels: 12
Synthesis Scale Range: 0.005 - 7.5mmol
Chemistries Supported: Fmoc, t-Boc, organic, peptoid, combinatorial, others
Fluid Measurement Technique: fixed loop measurement with optical sensors
Brand: Biolytic Product Code: 16129
Synthesis Scales: 1 nMole to 2 uMole
Flow Control: positive pressure
Synthesis Capabilities: DNA, RNA, 2'OMethyl, LNA
Gas Inputs: bottle blanketing, purge/drain, pneumatics
Amidite Delivery Systems: up to 23
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