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BD Accuri C6/C6 Plus Depot Service and Maintenance


BD Accuri

The BD Accuri C6 and the C6 Plus Flow Cytometers are a favorite among the lab communities with their reliable easy operation and small portable size.

They feature a Solid State 20mW Blue 488nm laser along with a 14.7mW Red 640nm Diode laser. (Sometimes Yellow-Green laser) They have 4 pre-optimized detectors that simplify setup and operation. Filters are swappable to give flexibility in the usage of the 4 available colors.


We have had over 50 Accuri C6 Cytometers in the last 18 months alone. Our technicians have experience with multiple revisions of the C6 and C6Plus designs. This is in addition to the experience we have had with many BD Flow Cytometers ranging in complexity from 3 to 30+ color channels. We have worked with FACSCalibur, FACSVerse, FACSCanto I and II, Accuri C6 and C6 Plus, and FACSAria. We can confidently service your Accuri C6 and provide you with excellent quality service.

Quality Control

All Accuri C6 and C6 Plus cytometers pass Multiple QC checks before returning to their home lab after our service.

Repair Service

As with all cytometers, the Accuri C6 and C6 Plus need regular maintenance and occasional service. BD has discontinued service of the Accuri C6 on December 31, 2021.

No Fear, Boson Indutries Inc. has mastered the Accuri C6 and C6 plus. We are able to provide you with complete Service and repair confidently and with a full 180-day warranty on our craftsmanship and replacement parts.

Fast Turn-around

We have the ability to service and fix most issues on Accuris within 1 week of receiving the instrument.

180-day Warranty

Our warranty will protect your equipment from defects caused by faulty replacement parts or repairs. Our proven track record with Accuri Cytometers allows us to give you the peace of mind to know that we will not leave you hanging.

What if my instrument is not repairable?

While it is likely we can fix any Accuri; we do sometimes run into instruments that need a lot of TLC. These instruments can be brought back into manufacture specification but at a cost that may rival buying a replacement.

If this is the case then a trade-in may be the more economical decision. In some cases, we can do a trade-up where you trade in your C6 for a C6 with C Sampler or C6 Plus if we have one in stock or can locate one for you.

Fill out our form to get a quick response, we typically can provide a quote within a day.