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Brand: Sartorius Product Code: 53997
Optical Module: green/orange/NIR
Fluorescence channels: Green: Ex.453-485 Em.494-533 Orange: Ex.546-568 Em.576-639 NIR: Ex.648-674 Em.685-756
Interchangeable trays: 3; microplate capacity: 6 (6 - 384-well plates)
Objectives: 4X, 10X, 20X objectives, automated turret
Incubation: up to 42DegC
Brand: Sartorius Product Code: 51199
(2) Lasers: 20mW 488nm Blue, 40mW 640nm Red; (6) Simultaneous Color Channels
Channel Filters: (Blue) 530/30, 572/28, 675/30, 780/60 (Red) 675/30, 780/60
Plate Types: 96-well and 384-well microplates
Minimum Sampling Time: < 5 minutes/96 wells, < 20 minutes/384 wells
Detection Rate: up to 35,000 events/second
Brand: Sartorius Product Code: 53535
Dispense Volume Range: 250ul to 3mL
Dispense volume increments: 1ul
Pump Speed Range: 90-250 RPM
Microtube Capacity: Nalgene 24-Way 1.5ml 
Weight: 67kg (148lbs)
Brand: Sartorius Product Code: 43467
Dispense Volume Range: 250ul to 5mL
Pump Speed Range: 90-250 RPM
Microtube Compatibility: Flexible to work with a large range of branded screw-cap cryovials from suppliers such as Corning, Matrix, Nalgene, and Nunc
Microtubes Used for Testing: 2.0mL Internal Thread Corning 430488 Cryogenic Vials
Microtube Capacity: 24 position
Brand: Sartorius Product Code: 30707
Dispense Volume Range: 250 to 5000uL
Dispense Speed: 80 to 250 RPM
Rack Format: 96
Time to Decap, Fill, and Cap(typical): 92 seconds
Power: 110-240VAC, 50-60Hz
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