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Wyatt Chromatography Systems

Brand: Agilent Product Code: 52988-AGWyatt
Detector modules: Variable Wavelength, Refractive Index, MALS, ViscoStar Detector
Flow range: 0.2 to 10 mL/min
Injection range: 0.1-100 uL
Pump type: isocratic
System pressure operating range: up to 600 bar
Brand: Wyatt Technology Product Code: 50602
Type: GPC Detector Stack
Appliaction: Analysis of polymers, peptides, proteins and other amino acid chains.
MALS Detector Molar Mass range: 200 Da to 1 GDa
Differential Refractive Index Range (RIU): -0.0047 to +0.0047
Differential Viscosity Sensitivity: 0.1 μg of 100 kDa polystyrene in THF at 1 mL/min, under typical GPC conditions
Brand: Wyatt Technology Product Code: 50601
RhВ from 0.2 nm - 1000 nm
Temperature range: -10 °C to +120 °C
Molecular weight: 300 Da to 1 MDa
Turbidity from 1 to 80 NTU
SLS and DLS detection channels; Laser wavelength: 658 nm
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