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Xylem YSI 2950 Biochemistry Analyzer 2950D-1 Unit2 - AV

Xylem YSI 2950 Biochemistry Analyzer 2950D-1 Unit2 - AV
Xylem YSI 2950 Biochemistry Analyzer 2950D-1 Unit2 - AV

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Here is a Xylem YSI 2950 Biochemistry Analyzer 2950D-1 Unit2

YSI is a Xylem brand

Predecessor to:
Current model

This YSI 2950 Biochemistry Analyzer is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The YSI 2950 Biochemistry Analyzer passed all tests and found to be functional:
Power and initialization: PASSED
Sipper movement through all positions: PASSED
Pump testing: PASSED
Stir bar testing: PASSED
Level sensing: PASSED
Temperature sensor testing: PASSED
Sipper aspiration/dispersion: PASSED
Probe sensing: PASSED

System consists of:
YSI 2950D-1 Biochemistry Analyzer
(2) 1000mL Buffer Bottle Caps with Sensors (buffer bottles NOT included - consumables)
(2) 1000mL Waste bottles with caps & sensors
(4) Calibration standard bottle caps with sensors (calibration bottles NOT included - consumables)
Standard power cord

Please note: sensor probes/membranes are consumables and their current lifespan cannot be verified, - end user will be responsible for acquiring needed consumables.

Calibration standards and their bottles are consumable items as well as buffer solutions, stir bars, printer paper, probes, and membranes.

Configuration and Setup:
Number of Modules: 2
Max Number of Chemistries: 4
Sample Size: 10 - 50ul per module
Enzyme Response Time: 60 seconds for one module
Precision Application specific, typical CV <2%

Number of Analytes: 2 per module
Inlet Flowrate: 100 - 2500 ul/min

Dimensions: 65 x 52.1 x 40 cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 20.9kg
Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Ambient Temperature: 15-35C

YSI has earned a reputation as the Gold Standard in bio-analytical instruments with highly accurate sensors and rapid results.

Measurement Range:
- Glucose: 0.05-25 g/L,
- Lactate: 0.05-2.70 g/L,
- Glutamate: 15-1460 mg/L,
- Glutamine: 30-1169 mg/L,
- Glycerol: 0.75-40 g/L,
- Xylose: 0.5-30 g/L,
- Choline: 5-450 mg/L,
- Hydrogen Peroxide: 3-300 mg/L,
- Sucrose: 0.1-25 g/L,
- Ethanol: 0.04-3.2 g/L,
- Ethanol-HC: 0.5-40 g/L,
- Methanol: 0.1-2.5 g/L,
- Lactose: 0.05-25 g/L,
- Galactose: 0.1-25 g/L

Video Description:
The video gives an overview of the YSI 2950 Biochemistry Analyzer, demonstrating arm movement and pump function.

Datasheet: N/A

Brochure: YSI 2950 Biochemistry Analyzer

Manual: YSI 2950 Biochemistry Analyzer

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