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TA Instruments

Brand: TA Instruments Product Code: 48276
Short-term Noise: 0.015 uWatts
Baseline Stability: 0.028 uWatts
Response Time: 5 Sec
Operating Temperature: -10 to 130C
Active Cell Volume: 300 uL / 330 uL
Brand: TA Instruments Product Code: 47922
Active Cell Volume: Standard Volume 1.0mL, Low Volume 190uL
Minimum Detectable Heat: Standard Volume 0.1uJ, Low Volume 0.04uJ/0.05uJ
Maximum Measurable Heat: Standard Volume/Low Volume 5,000uJ
Low Noise Level: Standard Volume 0.0025uW, Low Volume 0.0013uW/0.0014uW
Temperature Stability: Standard Volume 50uC at 25C, Low Volume 8uC/50uC at 25C
Brand: TA Instruments Product Code: 51395
Sample Cell Size: 190 uL, low volume
Injection Syringe Volume: 250 uL
Stirring Speed Range: 0 - 200 rpm
Minimum Detectable Heat: 0.05 uJ
Maximum Measurable Heat: 5,000 uJ
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