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Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL

Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL
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  • Brand: Cyntellect
  • Product Code: 32495
  • Condition: Pre-Owned

For Sale Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL

Pre-owned instrument

  • Fully Functional
  • Current model
  • Serviced & in Stock
  • Good cosmetic condition
  • Warranty
  • An extended warranty option and training may be available.


Here is what you will receive:

  • Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer
  • Hardware manuals
  • Standard power cord.


Nexcelom Celigo S Configuration:

  • Multi-channel brightfield and fluorescence imaging cytometer
  • (3) fluorescent channels (Blue, Green, & Red) allow multiplexed assays
  • Label-free live cell assays
  • Compatible with 96-, 384- and 1536- well plates.
  • High-Speed Imaging: Less than 2 min for 384-well plate

  • Illumination / Optics: (BFFL model: Bright Field and Fluorescence)
  • -1 LED-based enhanced brightfield imaging channel with uniform well illumination
  • -3 LED-based fluorescent channels
  • -Proprietary F-theta lens with superior well edge-to-edge contrast
  • -Galvanometric mirrors for fast imaging of large areas
  • -Large chip CCD camera (2024 x 2024 pixels)
  • -1, 2, 4 or 8 um/pixel resolution

  • Fluorescent Channels:
  • -Blue Ex(377/50) DM(409) Em(470/22) Typical Dyes(Hoechst, DAPI)
  • -Green Ex(483/32) DM(506) Em(536/40) Typical Dyes(FITC, Calcein, GFP, AlexaFluor 488)
  • -Red Ex(531/40) DM(593) Em(629/53) Typical Dyes(R-PE, PI, Texas Red, AlexaFluor 568)

  • Plate Compatibility:
  • -6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536 well plates (black, white and clear wall plates)
  • -T-25 and T-75 flasks

  • High-Speed Imaging: (S model is the high speed model)
  • -Less than 2 min for 384-well plate

  • Weight and Dimensions:
  • -Dimensions: 19” x 25” x 20” (48 cm x 64 cm x 51 cm)
  • -Weight: 117 lb. (53 kg)





Testing performed by our in-house service team:

The Nexcelom Celigo S passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:

  • The Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer tested to power on only.
  • The manufacturer tested the item on site. See link below for PM inspection results.


Instrument Overview:

  • Automated Imaging: The Celigo S Image Cytometer utilizes automated imaging technology to capture high-resolution images of cells. This automation reduces manual labor and ensures consistency in image quality.
  • Brightfield and Fluorescence Imaging: The "BFFL" designation likely refers to its capability to perform both Brightfield and Fluorescence imaging. Brightfield imaging provides detailed morphological information about cells, while fluorescence imaging allows for the detection of specific fluorescent markers within cells.
  • High Throughput: The Celigo S is designed for high-throughput analysis, capable of imaging multiple samples in a relatively short amount of time. This feature is particularly useful for screening assays and large-scale experiments.
  • Cell Counting and Viability Assessment: Beyond imaging, the Celigo S can analyze images to perform cell counting and viability assessment. This functionality is essential for cell culture workflows, drug discovery assays, and other research applications.
  • Customizable Analysis: The instrument offers customizable analysis software that allows researchers to tailor image analysis algorithms to their specific experimental needs. This flexibility enables the quantification of various cellular parameters such as cell size, shape, and fluorescence intensity.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The Celigo S features an intuitive user interface, making it accessible to researchers with varying levels of expertise in cell imaging and analysis. The software typically includes features for data visualization, image processing, and result interpretation.
  • Compatibility: The instrument is compatible with various cell culture vessels, including multi-well plates, slides, and flasks, providing versatility in experimental setup.
  • Applications: The Celigo S Image Cytometer BFFL is suitable for a wide range of applications, including cell proliferation assays, apoptosis assays, cell migration studies, and stem cell research, among others.


Instrument Application:

  • Cell Proliferation Assays: The Celigo S is commonly used to monitor cell proliferation rates over time. By capturing images of cells at multiple time points, researchers can assess the growth kinetics of cell populations under different experimental conditions.
  • Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assays: Researchers can use the Celigo S to evaluate cell viability and assess cytotoxic effects of compounds or environmental factors. Brightfield imaging can identify morphological changes associated with cell death, while fluorescence imaging can detect viability markers such as calcein-AM and propidium iodide.
  • Cell Migration and Invasion Assays: The Celigo S is well-suited for studying cell migration and invasion processes. By tracking the movement of cells over time, researchers can quantify migration rates, assess the effects of chemotactic agents, and investigate factors influencing cell motility.
  • Drug Screening and Compound Profiling: High-throughput imaging capabilities make the Celigo S ideal for drug screening and compound profiling applications. Researchers can evaluate the efficacy of potential therapeutics, assess drug toxicity, and identify novel compounds with desired biological activities.
  • Stem Cell Research: The Celigo S is valuable for stem cell research, enabling the characterization and analysis of stem cell populations. Researchers can track the differentiation of stem cells, assess colony formation efficiency, and evaluate the expression of specific markers associated with stem cell pluripotency or differentiation.
  • 3D Cell Culture Analysis: For studies involving 3D cell culture models, such as spheroids or organoids, the Celigo S offers capabilities for imaging and analysis. Researchers can monitor the growth and morphology of 3D cell structures over time, assess drug penetration into multicellular aggregates, and evaluate therapeutic responses in complex tissue-like environments.
  • Immunofluorescence Assays: The Celigo S can perform immunofluorescence assays to visualize and quantify protein expression within cells. Researchers can use fluorescence imaging to detect and analyze the localization, intensity, and distribution of fluorescently labeled proteins or antibodies in cell populations.
  • Cell Cycle Analysis: By analyzing cell morphology and DNA content, the Celigo S can provide insights into cell cycle progression and distribution within a population. This information is valuable for studying cell proliferation dynamics, identifying cell cycle inhibitors, and investigating regulatory mechanisms governing cell cycle progression.


The key features of Nexcelom Celigo S:

  • Automated Imaging and Analysis
  • Brightfield and Fluorescence Imaging
  • High-Throughput Screening
  • Versatility in Sample Compatibility
  • Customizable Analysis Software
  • Wide Range of Applications


Additional technical info:


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Why should you buy from us?


  • We have experience servicing and repairing these instruments.
  • This instrument goes through all the described service steps before shipping.
  • We offer detailed photos and videos of the instruments you buy.
  • We are an approved pre-owned equipment vendor to many large US, Canadian, and EU Universities.
  • We are an approved pre-owned equipment vendor to many Fortune 500 US and International Biopharma companies.
  • Many upgrade and repair parts are in stock.
  • Remote installation and instrument operation training are available.
  • On-site installation may be available in the Boston Area (New England area)
  • US or International shipping is no problem (see the shipping tab on how we pack and feel at ease)


  • It will work!
  • Warranty
  • An extended warranty may be available.
  • You get after-sales technical support.
  • Smooth process from the initial quote to order fulfillment.
  • Customer references are available.


This will ship via freight. Please contact us with your zip code to obtain a shipping quote.




What steps do you take to verify, service, and confirm the functionality of the ##?

We verify various instrument functions individually and together, performing necessary repairs or maintenance to bring the instrument to our quality standards.


  • The Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer tested to power on only.
  • The manufacturer tested the item on site. See link below for PM inspection results.


What supplies do I need?

You will need the consumables starting out:


Can I view the ## in person at your facility or do a live Zoom demo before it is shipped to me?

We invite you to visit our facility for an on-site demo, or you can request a virtual Zoom demo of the instrument you are interested in.


What about the warranty? Installation, training, maintenance?

Warranty Terms:

  • The instrument comes fully warranted for both parts and labor.
  • The customer should retain all packing materials during the warranty period.

What should I watch out for when buying a ## used/pre-owned from another lab?
  • Make sure the instrument is properly packed for shipping and will arrive safely. If the instrument is large, request to have it packed in a wooden crate.
  • Confirm that there is no physical damage or any misaligned internal components.
  • Ask what accessories are included.
  • Ask how long the warranty is and what it covers.


Here is what our technical team tests so you can request something similar and ensure your instrument will be fully functional.


  • The Nexcelom Celigo S Image Cytometer tested to power on only.
  • The manufacturer tested the item on site. See link below for PM inspection results.


We recommend inspecting the instrument in person or requesting a virtual demo; this will allow you to evaluate its condition and performance before you consider purchasing it.


I found it elsewhere for less. What goes into your price?

We acknowledge that sometimes you can purchase this ## instrument elsewhere, possibly for less.


Here are some of the reasons for our price.

  • We may offer longer warranty terms.
  • We cover shipping costs during the warranty period. (Customer is required to save packing materials for the duration).
  • We need technical staff that can perform testing/repairs and provide after-sales support if there are any issues.
  • We invest considerable time into the testing and service of each instrument we sell.
  • We have to purchase various testing supplies (often expensive) to perform testing.
  • We must purchase any required or missing accessories to complete the instruments.
  • We have to procure and stock service parts to support our warranty.
  • We have extensive experience packing and shipping sensitive instruments.
  • We guarantee that the instrument will be functional.


This procurement is for a University or College. Are purchase orders with NET terms accepted?
  • If you are a US or Canadian customer, we are likely already a registered vendor in your University's vendor system. This would greatly expedite the process of PO approvals and get this instrument into your lab faster.
  • POs are accepted from US and Canadian universities.


How fast will you ship?
  • We can ship within a few days to two weeks. Shipping time depends on the current demand for our instruments. Members of our sales team will be able to offer current delivery estimates.


Will my instrument be insured during shipping?
  • All instruments shipped within the USA and internationally are fully insured. This applies as long as we are the shipper and handle shipping arrangements.
  • If the buyer handles shipping, the responsibility for shipping insurance falls to the buyer; we highly advise that the buyer obtain shipping insurance from their carrier.


How do you pack? Have you previously packed and shipped ##? Do you ship Internationally?


  • Smaller instruments ship via UPS Parcel Delivery with adequate packing material and a strong box. Or, when combined with other orders, it may be packed in a crate.
  • Most larger instruments ship in fully enclosed ISPM15-certified wooden crates with proper padding underneath, and the sides have moving components braced.
  • Accessories are packed safely in boxes with padding and then safely packed inside the crate.
  • We may not use a crate for local deliveries to save you money *if delivered by us.
  • We often use “tilt’ & “shock” indicators on the crates to ensure the crate has not been excessively tilted and dropped where equipment may suffer damage.
  • Photos are taken during the packing process to make sure nothing is missed.

USA/Canada Shipping

  • Within the US and Canada, we will ship via selected freight carriers. We do not use low-price/high-damage carriers as we want the equipment to get safely to you.

International Shipping

  • Internationally, we will only ship via Air Freight or Air Parcel (such as UPS or DHL), which provides reliability, no exposure to Ocean weather, and timely delivery.
    We have extensive experience packing and shipping fragile instruments globally.

Our experience and process

  • We have safely packed and shipped thousands of sensitive analytical instruments.


How much will I save buying it pre-owned, and is it worth it?

A lot…and it is undoubtedly worth it, and here is why. Feel free to ask for feedback from hundreds of customers who bought from us.


  • You will pay less than half the cost of buying a new instrument. Why not spend the leftover funds on another instrument for your lab?
  • You will get our standard warranty, plus, when available, an option to obtain an extended warranty agreement.
  • Know that your instrument was tested and working the day it left our facility and that it is covered if there are faults.
  • Get extra peace of mind by adding an extended warranty or service agreement when such an option is available.
  • Well, this one is easy: buying a pre-owned instrument is great for the planet; you are reducing unnecessary waste, CO2 output, and water use that would be used during the manufacturing process.


I have more questions; I want to receive a formal quote.

Absolutely! Please give us a call (1-617-397-3486) or complete this form to get your questions answered or receive a formal Quote.



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