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Molecular Devices ClonePix 2 Clone Screening System w/ Compressor - AV

Molecular Devices ClonePix 2 Clone Screening System w/ Compressor - AV
Molecular Devices ClonePix 2 Clone Screening System w/ Compressor - AV
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Here is a Molecular Devices ClonePix 2 Clone Screening System with Compressor

This is the same model as Molecular Devcies ClonePix 2 Mammalian Colony Picker just branded by Genetix

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Genetix ClonePix 2 Clone Screening System is in good working condition.

Please see exact photos and video below.

Testing we performed:
The Genetix ClonePix 2 Clone Screening System passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Communication with software: PASSED
Initialization and homing: PASSED
Single plate method to test all mechanical functions: PASSED
Camera imaging: PASSED
Colony reconition and picking: PASSED
UV and interior lighting: PASSED
Emergency stop: PASSED

System consists of:
Genetix ClonePix 2 Clone Screening System
Source and destination stacker racks for built in plate stackers
Source and waste bottles with quick connect caps (2 x 5 liter; 2 x 2 liter)
1.5 gallon silent piston compressor 100-130 psi
Computer with running applicable software
Monitor, keyboard, mouse swing arm mounted to the side of the unit
Power and communication cables and air line

Configuration and Setup:
Software Dedicated imaging software pre-installed on a high-specification PC
White light imaging:
-Trans-illumination for imaging low contrast colonies such as adherent monolayers or small colonies in suspension
- Epi-illumination for imaging colonies as they are collected
Fluorescence imaging:
- Software-controlled switching between up to 5 excitation /emission filter pairs (we recommend no more than 3 filters be multiplexed for optimal performance)
Data tracking: internal barcode reader for source and destination plates enables data tracking for each run
Camera: Integrated 16-bit cooled CCD camera
Imaging speed for 6-well microplate: 5 min for 2 wavelengths (standard conditions)
Resolution: Standard: 28 micron; Maximum: 1.5 micron

Source plate type: PetriWell-6 plate, PetriWell-1 plate, Greiner 6 well plate, Nunc 6 well plate, Nunc OmniTray
Destination plate type: PetriWell-96 plate, Costar 96 well plate, Greiner 96 well plate, Nunc 96 well plate, Falcon 96 well plate
Source and Destination plate capacity: 10 plates
Picking Head: 8 x picking pins - each pin independently controlled
Picking Speed: > 200 clones per hour
Dimensions (W x D x H): 101 x 90 x 149 cm
Weight: 350 kg

Compressed air specifications:
Air Clean, oil-free with sub-micron filtration
Minimum operating pressure: 6 bar (~90psi)
Minimum operating volume: 80 L/min

Grow your cells in semi-solid media, forming discrete clonal colonies
Rapid screening of thousands of clones increases your probability of finding optimal producers exponentially
- Visualize colonies for imaging and picking in white light
- Observe expression levels using fluorescence imaging
Choice of detection methods enables:
- Label-free detection of clones independent of secretion
- Detection of tagged recombinant proteins and expression markers
- Fluorescence detection of secreted IgG, IgM, or antigen-specific mAbs from hybridomas
Objective image analysis lets you select colonies with optimal expression levels and reject poor performers early

Video Description:
The video below gives an overview of the Genetix ClonePix 2 Clone Screening System and demonstrates its functionality

Datasheet: Genetix ClonePix 2 Clone Screening System

Brochure: Genetix ClonePix 2 Clone Screening System

Manual: Genetix ClonePix 2 Clone Screening System

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