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MDC Axon MultiClamp 700A Amplifier Patch Clamp w/ (2) CV-7A Headstages Pred 700B - AV

MDC Axon MultiClamp 700A Amplifier Patch Clamp w/ (2) CV-7A Headstages Pred 700B - AV
MDC Axon MultiClamp 700A Amplifier Patch Clamp w/ (2) CV-7A Headstages Pred 700B - AV

Here is an MDC Molecular Devices Axon MultiClamp 700A Amplifier Patch Clamp w/ (2) CV-7A Headstages Pred 700B

New 700B sells for over $20K

We have a total of (21) of these Axon MultiClamp 700A Amplifiers systems. Each sold separately.

All setups were tested and are fully functional. Each amplifier is set up with (2) headstages.

We sold over 15 of these setups in the past two years without any returns. If you have more questions about this amplifier, please reach out we will assist.
New Multiclamp 700B sells for around $20K

Below are the difference to the current Multiclamp 700B amplifier.
Second scaled output with signal conditioning
USB communication replaces the previous RS-232
Support for bilayer headstage
User-defined control sensitivity (Fine, Medium, Coarse)
Improved current clamp holding and offset resolution
Support for two voltage-following headstages
Adjustable MultiClamp Commander window size with scrollbars

Let us know if you have any other questions as we have experience with these units.

Predecessor to:
MultiClamp 700B

This Axon MultiClamp 700A Amplifier is in good working order.

Please see the exact photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Axon MultiClamp 700A Amplifier and Headstages passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested communication with software: PASSED
Tested through the function checkout test (as described on page 6 of the manual): PASSED
The amplifier passed all initialization tests during testing.
Noise test on headstage and patchclamp: PASSED
Calibration test on headstages and patchclamp: PASSED

The testing we performed is the functional checkout which covers Communication and verifying control, Noise test and Calibration check.
The testing was performed on every amplifier and head stage to ensure no bad units are included in our inventory.
Due to this testing you can purchase these Axon MultiClamp 700A Amplifier Patch Clamp w/ CV-7A Headstage with absolute confidence in knowing they are ready to go as advertised.

System consists of:
Axon MultiClamp 700A Amplifier Patch Clamp
(2) CV-7A Headstages w/SMA to BNC adapter
Dell Latitude i5 running MultiClamp 700A Commander software
Communication and power cables, and adapters.

Please note: the Tektronix oscilloscope is not included with the listing - it was used to show functionality of the Axon MultiClamp 700A Amplifier.

Configuration and Setup:
Amplifier Type: Patch Clamp
Application: Basic Ion Channel Research, Cell Pathway Analysis, Disease Research, Safety Assessment
Number of Head Stages: 2
Software Included: MultiClamp 700A Commander

Datasheet: N/A

Brochure: N/A


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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