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Illumina MiniSeq DNA RNA Sequencer SY-420-1001 Made 2021 NGS - AV

Illumina MiniSeq DNA RNA Sequencer SY-420-1001 Made 2021 NGS - AV
Illumina MiniSeq DNA RNA Sequencer SY-420-1001 Made 2021 NGS - AV
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Here is an Illumina MiniSeq DNA RNA Sequencer SY-420-1001 NGS

REF SY-420-1001

Made in 2021


We recommend obtaining a service agreement from Illumina (manufacturer) directly.

Predecessor to:
Current model

This Illumina MiniSeq DNA RNA Sequencer is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Illumina MiniSeq DNA RNA Sequencer passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Power on/Initialize: PASSED
User Interface/Touchscreen: PASSED
Read LED Calibration: PASSED
Z Travel Limit Test: PASSED
Z-Stage Step and Settle Test: PASSED
Camera XY Travel Limits Test: PASSED
XY Registration Test: PASSED
Reagent Valve Response: PASSED
Pump Valve Response: PASSED
Pressure Decay: PASSED
Fan Test: PASSED
Temp Probe Test: PASSED
Flow Cell Door: PASSED
Reagent Door: PASSED
Spent Reagent: PASSED
Reagent Cartridge: PASSED
Flow Cell Clamp: PASSED

System consists of:
Illumina MiniSeq DNA RNA Sequencer SY-420-1001 NGS
Standard power cord.

Configuration and Setup:
Read Length: 1 x 75bp to 2 x 150bp
Total Read Time: low as 5 hours and as high as 24 hours
Single Reads: 7 to 25 Million (depending on kit)
Paired-End Reads 14 to 50 Million (depending on kit)

The Illumina MiniSeq DNA RNA Sequencer delivers a < 1-day turnaround for numerous sequencing methods.
The output of the system allows researchers to sequence a broad range of samples per run:
- 1-96 targeted panel samples
- 1-384 gene expression profiling samples
- 1-12 small RNA (miRNA) profiling samples
- 1-20 viral pathogen RNA enrichment samples

Instrument configuration: RFID tracking for consumables
Instrument control computer: (Internal)
Base unit: Intel Core i7-4700EQ 2.4 GHz CPU
Memory: 16 GB DDR3L RAM
Hard drive: 1 Tb
Operating system: Windows 10 embedded standard

Operating environment:
Temperature: 19 to 25C (22C +/- 3C)
Humidity: noncondensing 20-80% relative humidity
Altitude: less than 2000 m (6500 ft)
Air quality: pollution degree rating of II, air particulate cleanliness levels per ISO9 (ordinary room air) or better
Ventilation: up to 2048 BTU/hr @ 600 W
For indoor use only
Light emitting diode (LED) 515 nm, 650 nm
Dimensions (WxDxH): 45.6 x 48 x 51.8 cm (18.0 x 18.9 x 20.4 in)
Weight: 45 kg (99 lb); Crated weight: 56.5 kg (125 lb)
Power requirements: 100-120 volts AC - A 15 Amp grounded, 220-240 volts AC - A 10 Amp grounded

Video Description:
The video gives an overview of the Illumina MiniSeq DNA RNA Sequencer, and also performs functionality.

You can find relevant documentation on manufacturer's website MiniSeq Documentation (

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