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BD FACSymphony A3 Flow Cytometer (3)Lasers/(14)Colors/(16)Detectors w/ BD FACSFlow Supply System and High Throughput Sampler - AV

BD FACSymphony A3 Flow Cytometer (3)Lasers/(14)Colors/(16)Detectors w/ BD FACSFlow Supply System and High Throughput Sampler - AV
BD FACSymphony A3 Flow Cytometer (3)Lasers/(14)Colors/(16)Detectors w/ BD FACSFlow Supply System and High Throughput Sampler - AV

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BD FACSymphony A3 Flow Cytometer (3)Lasers/(14)Colors/(16)Detectors with BD FACSFlow Supply System and High Throughput Sampler

Pre-owned instrument

• Fully Functional
• Serviced & in Stock
• Current model
• Good cosmetic condition
• Extended Collection Bed Upgrade
Continental US Warranty 120 Days & 60 Days International.
• Options for Extended warranty, Installation and Training may be available

Here is what you will receive:
•BD FACSymphony A3 Flow Cytometer (Made in 2021.  New around $300,000.00)
• Power Conditioner
• Fluidics Supply Station
• Fluidics hoses
• Pressure Vessel with holder
• Waste container
• HTS system
• Desktop PC running BD FACSDiva software ver9.1 (w/ monitor, keyboard, mouse)
• Communication and power cables
• FCS Express (1-Year Subscription) RUO version

BD FACSymphony A3 Flow Cytometer System Configuration: 
Flow Cytometer:
• Optics:(3) Lasers, (14) Colors, (16) Detectors:
• Forward scatter detector: Photodiode with a 488/10 bandpass (BP) filter for the 488-nm laser
• Side scatter detector: PMT with a 488/10 BP filter for the 488-nm laser
• 488nm blue laser: 780/60, 710/50, 610/20, 575/25, 530/30
• 405nm violet laser: 780/60, 710/50, 670/30, 610/20, 470/15, 431/28
• 637nm red laser: 780/60, 710/50, 670/30

• Fluorescence sensitivity: may vary dependent on the combination of laser and filter selections
• Fluorescence resolution: coefficient of variation (CV)
• PI: Area, <3.0%, full G0 /G1 peak for PI-stained CEN
• Fluorescence linearity: doublet/singlet ratio: PI-stained CEN: 1.95–2.05 (488-nm laser)
• FSS sensitivity: sensitivity enables separation of fixed platelets from noise
• FSS resolution: scatter performance is optimized for resolving lymphocytes, monocytes and granulocytes
• SS resolution: scatter performance enables separation of 0.5-um beads from noise
• Acquisition rate: 40,000 events/second with bead

• Sample flow rates three modes: RUN, STANDBY and PRIME.
• Continuously adjustable flow rate, plus three preset flow rates: LO: 12 uL/min; MED: 35 uL/min; HI: 60 uL/min

• Instrument dimensions (W x D x H) 83.8 x 76.2 x 80 cm (33 x 30 x 31.5 in)
• Weight 167.9 kg (379 lb)
• Power Operation at 100/115/230 VAC and 50 or 60 Hz

High Throughput Sampler:
• Automates and accelerates sample acquisition
• Compatible with 96- and 384-well plates
• <0.5% sample carryover in high-throughput mode

FACSFlow Supply System:
• Increases capacity and ease of use while maintaining a stable fluidics pressure
• Reduces daily maintenance by incorporating a 20-L BD FACSFlow Cubitainer

• Extended Warranty
• Installation
• Training

QC Testing performed by our in-house service team:
• The BD FACSymphony A3 Flow Cytometer was successfully powered on by our team, ensuring its readiness for operation.
• Communication between the cytometer and its operating software was established and verified by us, confirming seamless integration.
• Our team completed the fluidics priming and sequence operations, achieving optimal system preparation without issues.
• Comprehensive system cleaning, including long clean and flow cell clean, was meticulously performed by us, ensuring the system's cleanliness and functionality.
• The high-throughput ssampler (HTS) functionality underwent rigorous testing by our specialists, with all systems confirmed as fully operational.
• We conducted and successfully confirmed the processes of homing, priming, and cleaning, of the (HTS) maintaining the system's efficiency.
• Laser alignment was precisely performed by our team, with accuracy and alignment confirmed to meet operational standards.
• Verification of all channels, using test beads, was conducted by us, ensuring each channel's functionality and readiness for accurate analysis using CS&T beads.

Instrument Overview:
• The BD FACSymphony A3 is designed for high-throughput cell analysis, enhancing lab efficiency.
• Features advanced fluidics and optical systems for precise sample handling and analysis.
• Supports multi-parametric analysis with high sensitivity and specificity.
• Equipped with a user-friendly interface, simplifying complex experimental setups.
• The instrument's modular design allows for easy upgrades and customization.
• Offers robust data management and analysis tools, streamlining workflow.

Instrument Application:
• Immunophenotyping
• Cell Cycle Analysis
• Apoptosis Detection
• Intracellular Cytokine Staining
• Cancer Research
• Functional Assays
• Multiplex Assays
• Receptor Occupancy
• Microbial Studies

• Datasheet: BD FACSymphony A3 Flow Cytometer Datasheet
• Brochure: BD FACSymphony A3 Flow Cytometer Brochure
• Manual: BD FACSymphony A3 Flow Cytometer Manual

Note: Subscription is for the Research Use Only (RUO) version. 
Video Overview:

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