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Brand: Waters Product Code: 44124
Mass Range: 2 to 2048 m/z
Scan Speed: up to 10,000 Da/s
Mass Stability: mass drift is <0.1 Da over a 24 hour period
Detector Low-noise, off-axis, long-life photomultiplier detector
Acquisition Modes: Full scan, MS Product ion scan, Precursor ion scan, Constant neutral loss scan, Selected ion recording (SIR), Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), Simultaneous full scan, and MRM (RADAR)
Brand: Waters Product Code: 25826
Injection volume range: 50-ul loop standard; 1,2,5,10,20,100,250-ul loops available
Temperature control: 0.1 to 25.0 C, in 0.1C increments
Digestion Column heater: Accommodates one column up to 50mm length
Digestion column temp control: 10.0C above HDX chamber temperature to 45.0C in0.1C increments
Brand: Waters Product Code: 25825
Flow rate range: 200nL/min to 50uL/min
Column trapping pump: choice of 2 eluents

Brand: Waters Product Code: 25212
Maximum Operating Pressure: 18,000PSI at 1mL/min
pH Range: 2 to 12
Less than 15 seconds to inject
Injection Volume Range: 0.1uL to 250uL
Temperature Stability: +/-1.0C
Brand: Waters Product Code: 25448
Number of Solvents: up to 4
Unit Sections: PDA Detector, Column Heater, Sample Manager, and Binary Solvent Manager
Maximum Operating Pressure: 10,000psi
Can Hold 2 (96 or 384) plates in sample storage
PDA Detector Wavelength Range: 190-500nm
Brand: Waters Product Code: 44933
Interactive diagnostics software for worry-free system and fluidics optimization and performance checks with IntelliStart Technology
1 pg sensitivity with either ESI or APCI
10,000 Da/sec scan speeds up to 2,000 Da for full compatibility with seconds-wide fast LC peaks
Simple upkeep and minimal bench space requirements
Dual orthogonal sampling ionization with ZSpray source
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