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Teledyne CombiFlash Service


CombiFlash Systems

The CombiFlash Flash Chromatography Systems from Teledyne Isco is a workhorse fulfilling the purification needs of many labs.

They can run up to 4 solvents at a time and can be paired with a multitude of detectors to ensure you get every precious drop of purified sample. Automated runs allow users to load samples and walk away.

PM Service

We also can perform your Preventative Maintenance or "PM" Service. We will thoroughly check over your instrument with a fine tooth comb while replacing the maintenance components, cleaning/inspecting the check valves, and inspecting all hose connections for leaks.

Quality Control

All repaired instruments pass standard functionality testing and PM'ed instruments receive verification testing.

Repair Service

As with all Flash Chromatography Systems, they are run for hours on end year after year and the CombiFlash does this reliably. Once in a while, they will need some love.

Here at Boson Indutries Inc., we love the CombiFlash. We have spent hundreds of labor hours over the years fixing, cleaning, and breathing life into these systems. We are familiar with repairing every square inch.

You can trust that we will take good care of your Combiflash and provide excellent-quality repair services.

Fast Turn-around

We have the ability to service and fix most issues on Teledyne Combiflash within 1 week of receiving the instrument.

180-day Warranty

Our warranty will protect your equipment from defects caused by faulty replacement parts or repairs. Our proven track record with Teledyne Combiflash allows us to give you the peace of mind to know that we will not leave you hanging.

What if my instrument is not repairable?

While it is likely we can fix any Teledyne Combiflash; we do sometimes run into instruments that need a lot of TLC. These instruments can be brought back into manufacture specification but at a cost that may rival buying a replacement.

If this is the case then a trade-in may be the more economical decision if we have one in stock or can locate one for you.

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