Tecan Freedom Evolyzer-2 150 Liquid Handler

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Tecan Freedom Evolyzer-2 150 Liquid Handler


Tecan Freedom Evolyzer-2 150 Liquid Handler | Priced $37,995.00 | (11007)

Here is a Tecan Freedom Evolyzer-2 150 Liquid Handler EVO

Evolyzer uses its own Evolyzer Evolution Software that is different from the standard Tecan Evoware software you might be familiar with. It does not require dongle, but will require the methods(assays) to be created by Tecan or other qualified party.
Evolyzer software integrates all the automation components and functions as one complete system capable of liquid handling function, absorbance testing, sample tracking, washing of the micro plates and robotics.

A little more detailed info:
This Tecan Freedom Evolyzer-2 150 Liquid Handling Workstation allows for reservoir to plate, plate to plate, test tube to plate transfers, and serial dilutions.
With the addition of the plate reader and the plate washer the system allows for reading absorance assays as well as washing consumables when done.
With an addition of POSID3 Barcode function it alows
The plate washer also has the ability to dispense multiple buffers.
This Tecan Evolyzer-2 150 Liquid Handler Liha Span-8 system would be great for assays involving tube sample transfers into a variety of labware.

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Tecan Freedom Evolyzer-2 150 Liquid Handler system is in good working order and also has good cosmetic condition.

Please see the exact photos and videos below.

Testing we performed:
Tecan Freedom Evolyzer 150 Liquid Handler Liha Span-8 Workstation passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested communication with EVOWare 2.6 software. (We used evoware to test the machine, but overall evolyzer setup uses Freedom Evolution software specifically made for the Evolyzer platform)
Tested system initialization.
Tested arm travel across the deck.
Tested manual control of the arms.
Tested liquid priming of the Span 8
Tested gripper function of the Roma.
Tested Hydroflex Washer function.
Tested Sunrise Absorbance Function.

System consists of:
Tecan Freedom Evolyzer-2 150 Liquid Handler.
(1) LIHA Span-8 arm with disposable tips.
(1) ROMA Gripper arm
(1) POSID3 Barcode Reader.
(8) 1000ul syringe pumps.
(1) Wash Station.
(1) 3-position microplate carrier.
(2) 3-position reservoir carrier.
(12) 16-position test tube.
(1) Sunrise absorbance microplate reader.
(1) Hydroflex plate washer.
Buffer and waste bottles are included.
HP desktop computer running Freedom Evolution 2.0.5 and Magellan Tracker v6.4 software.
Power and communication cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Robotic Arm(s): Span 8, Roma
Channels: 1-8 channel
Volume: 1-1000ul
Application: Liquid handling and sample preparation
Tip Type: Fixed Tips

Video Description:
The first video starts with logging into the PC, and the PC starting to initialize. Both arms then begin to home.
The plate washer and the Sunrise are next to initialize. The sunrise ejects the plate carrier. The Hydroflex exercises its valves.
Then the barcode reader initializes. The Hydroflex washer then begins and finishes a priming sequence.
The Span-8 then uses the FAWA pump to clean the tips and then the syringe pumps to flush them.
Then the FAWA pump again 3 more times followed buy a syringe flush.
Then yellow distilled water is aspirated and flushed from the tips using both the FAWA pump and the syringe pumps.

The second video shows wash solution #1 being used to do a test of the washer.
The Roma arm takes the plate from the stack and places it in the washer.
The washer then aspirates to make sure the plate is empty. Then fills the plate, and aspirates the fluid from half of it.
The Roma then grabs the plate from the washer stacking it where it was taken from. As can been seen half the plate has been aspirated dry.
The video ends with the explanation of what is a pass for the method that was run.

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QC Report:

Hydroflex Washer Manual:

Sunrise Reader Manual:

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Video #1

Video #2

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Tecan Freedom Evolyzer-2 150 Liquid Handler

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