Tecan 150 Liquid Handler w/ Span8 and Gripper unit 4

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Tecan 150 Liquid Handler w/ Span8 and Gripper unit 4


Tecan 150 Liquid Handler w/ Span8 and Gripper unit 4 | Priced $22,995.00 | (11884)

Here is a Tecan 150 Liquid Handler w/ Span8 and Gripper

This item is a Tecan 150 liquid handler and is controlled with Tecan Evoware Software

Made in 2011

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Tecan 150 Liquid Handler is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Tecan 150 Liquid Handler passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Initialization: PASSED
Aspiration/ Dispense: PASSED
Gripper arm labware transfer: PASSED

System consists of:
Tecan Evo 150 Liquid Handler
Span-8 arm
Plate gripper arm
PosID barcode reader
Storage cart
Hood covering
(1) 3 position plate carrier
(1) 3 position tip carrier
(1) 2 position plate carrier with tip waste
(1) 3 position reagent carrier
Dell Latitude i5 running Freedom EVOware software ver2.6 and Dongle
Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Robotic Arm(s): Span-8 arm and Roma gripper arm
Channels: 8
Volume: 1 to 1000ul for all channels on SPAN-8
Disposable tips, Volumes: 200 or 1000ul can be used
Application: Liquid handling and Sample Preparation

This Tecan 150 Liquid Handler allows for reservoir to plate, plate to plate, test tube to plate transfers and serial dilutions.

Video Description:
The camera shows a wide view of the entire Tecan 150 Liquid Handler. The camera zooms in to the monitor to show the version software.
The Span-8 arm retrieves tips and performs a liquid transfer from a reservoir to a plate. Tips are ejected into tip trash.
The gripper arm transfers the microplate across the carrier. The camera moves 360 degrees around the Tecan 150 Liquid Handler showing all sides and the serial number.
The cart doors are opened to reveal the inside.




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Tecan 150 Liquid Handler w/ Span8 and Gripper unit 4

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