Sympa-TEC OASIS Particle Size Analyzer

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Sympa-TEC OASIS Particle Size Analyzer


Sympa-TEC OASIS Particle Size Analyzer | Priced $8,995.00 | (12598)

Here is a Sympa-TEC OASIS Particle Size Analyzer

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Sympa-TEC OASIS Particle Size Analyzer has good cosmetic condition, and came from a working environment.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Sympa-TEC OASIS Particle Size Analyzer has came from a working environment and is assumed to be functional.
We do not have software for testing. You will need to purchase it directly from the manufacturer for $2500.00

System consists of:
Cuvette CUV Chassis
(2) Cuvette CUV 6 ML/SM
CUV 6 ML/SM Insert
Cuvette CUV - 50ML/US
Nilfisk GSP115 Vacuum
(2) Standard Power Cords
Sympa-TEC PCI Card
VWR Traceable Controller

Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Available Methods: Aero Dispersion & Wet Dispersion
Particle Size Range: .1 to 8750 Microns
Number of Channels: 1
Flow Rate: Adjustable
Options: Cuvette, Vibri, Oasis and Vacuum

This Rodos and Sucell (Oasis) combo is configured with Vibri feeder and a Cuvette Chassis.
This system uses a Helos laser/detector and is used for particle measurement from 0.1 to 875 microns with aero or wet dispersion.
Many accessories are included such as a Nilfisk GSP115 Vacuum and a Cuvette Chassis with 6 ml and 50 ml attachments.

Video Description:
This video starts with a wide shot of the Sympa-TEC OASIS Particle Size Analyzer and we zoom in on the Sympa-TEC logo.
Then we pan to see the included components and the PCI Card.
Next we lift the cover to look inside the Sympa-TEC OASIS Particle Size Analyzer, and finally we take a look at the manufactures tags.

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Sympa-TEC OASIS Particle Size Analyzer

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