SP GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator w/ XDS 5 Vacuum Pump SOLDOUT

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SP GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator w/ XDS 5 Vacuum Pump SOLDOUT


SP GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator w/ XDS 5 Vacuum Pump SOLDOUT | Priced $0.00 | (18234)

Here is a SP GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator w/ XDS 5 Vacuum Pump Pred HT6/H12

Made by GeneVac, now branded by SP Scientific.

Predecessor to:
Current models are HT Series 3 (HT-6 and HT-12)

This GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested display and buttons: PASSED (Note: Display has some bad pixels and lines but is still usable)
Tested vacuum: PASSED
Tested max speed RPM: PASSED
Tested chamber heating: PASSED
Tested condenser cooling: PASSED
Tested channel 1 SampleGuard temp control: PASSED
Tested channel 2 SampleGuard: NOT AVAILABLE

This GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator was tested at full specification.
This testing confirms the integrity and capability of the system to operate as designed.
Due to this testing you can purchase this GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator with confidence knowing it is ready to go.

System consists of:
Genevac HT-4X Evaporator System
XDS5 Edwards Vacuum Pump
(2) 10-5053/6 Bucket test tube holders
(2) 10-5020/2 Bucket test tube holders
Power cords.

Configuration and Setup:
Max Capacity: 1.5kg per swing (4 swings)
Max RPM: 1300 RPM Standard; Dri-Pure 1800 RPM; Max G-force: 300-500G
Temperature Range: -20 - 70C
Rotor Style: Swinging bucket rotors; 10-5053/6, 10-5020/2 Buckets
Max Vacuum: 0.15mbar

Electrical: 230V 50Hz / 208 60Hz
Dimensions: 590 x 640 x 590mm
Weight: Evaporator 118kg; Pump 52kg

Video Description:
Video starts in front of the GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator and rotates left than right showing warranty stickers and the serial label on the right side.
The video then shows the rear of the GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator and all of the power connections and vacuum connections along with their labels.
The video returns to the front showing a connection on the top along the way. The pump is then shown along with its serial tag.
The video then shows the control panel and screen. The open button is pressed and the interior of the item is shown along with the buckets in the rotor installed.
The cover is closed and a run is started. The video waits for the RPM to hit max and the pressure and temp shown before it pans out and ends.

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SP GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator w/ XDS 5 Vacuum Pump SOLDOUT

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