Quanterix Simoa HD-1 Analyzer Immunoassay ELISA SOLDOUT

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Quanterix Simoa HD-1 Analyzer Immunoassay ELISA SOLDOUT


Quanterix Simoa HD-1 Analyzer Immunoassay ELISA SOLDOUT | Priced $0.00 | (17456)

Here is a Quanterix Simoa HD-1 Analyzer Immunoassay ELISA

Made in 2016

New costs over $165K

This was professionally de-installed by the manufacturer.

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Quanterix Simoa HD-1 Analyzer is in good working order and also has good cosmetic condition.

This was professionally de-installed by the manufacture and requires installation from the manufacture before use.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Quanterix Simoa HD-1 Analyzer passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested power on and initialization: PASSED
Tested communication to software: PASSED
Tested all liquid sensors: PASSED
Tested operation of fluidics and pipetting head: PASSED
Tested operation of CCD detector: PASSED (No bad pixels)

System consists of:
Quanterix Simoa HD-1 Analyzer
Embedded PC w/ monitor running Simoa HD-1 software, keyboard and mouse
Spare TA wash Buffer Soak line
(6) packs of Simoa Discs (each pack 16 disks)
Copy of Simoa HD-1 software
Package of bluesorb 750 cleanroom wipes
(20) 96-well microplates
Cino handhold laser barcode scanner
(2) conductive tip bulk pack (304 tips)
(4000) cuvettes
Preventative maintenance hardware kit
Spare filter (PN 700162)
Communication and power cables, and hoses.

Configuration and Setup:
Throughput: 3 plates/8hr shift, about 300 data points per day; Workflow: batch (plates or tubes)
Total Assay Time: <2.5 hours per 96-well plate; Hands on Time: startup time <20 minutes
Automation: full (sample in to data out); Sample Input: 96-well plate and tubes
Sample Volume: 1 - 100ul
Multiplex Capability: up to 4-plex; Assay Flexibility: 1, 2 or 3-step assays, with variable incubation time and number of wash steps
Dynamic Range: >4 logs; Precision: <10% CVs

Video Description:
We zoom out and get a full view of the Quanterix Simoa HD-1 Analyzer in its entirety, then perform a full 360 external inspection paying special attention to any connections or serial tags.
From here we return to the front and all doors are opened so the internal components can be seen in detail. The software is opened to verify functionality and connectivity.
The Quanterix Simoa HD-1 Analyzer begins initialization, and we follow the armature through the full range of its motion focusing on any other subsystems that exhibit motion during this time.
Once all relevant portions of the system have been seen, we take one final full view before returning to the item tag and the video ends.




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Quanterix Simoa HD-1 Analyzer Immunoassay ELISA SOLDOUT

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