Qiagen QIAgility PCR Real-Time Preparation Unit Unit2

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Qiagen QIAgility PCR Real-Time Preparation Unit Unit2


Qiagen QIAgility PCR Real-Time Preparation Unit Unit2 | Priced $5,995.95 | (17036)

Here is a Qiagen QIAgility PCR Real-Time Preparation Unit Unit2

Qiagen QIAgility is an automated liquid handler designed for real-time PCR

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Qiagen QIAgility PCR system is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Qiagen QIAgility PCR system passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested communication with software: PASSED
Tested initialization: PASSED
Tested tip loading and disposal: PASSED
Tested mixing: PASSED
Tested liquid transfer: PASSED
Tested fan: PASSED
Tested UV lamp: PASSED

The testing performed on this Qiagen QIAgility PCR system confirms proper operation of the UV lamp, pipetting head, robotic arm, control electronics and software.
Due to this testing you can purchase with confidence knowing this item is ready to go. "Ready to go" means that there is minimal lead time, no last minute sourcing and testing.
This Qiagen QIAgility PCR system is ready to be packed and shipped as described below.

System consists of:
Qiagen QIAgility PCR System
Reagent Block, 16x0.2ml/2ml Flat/1.5ml Tapered Tubes
Master Mix Block, 5x5ml Tubes
Master Mix Block, 1x5ml/4x2ml Tubes
Tip Rack Holder for 96-Tip Rack QTY: 3
Various non deck mounted media and tube holders
Dell Latitude i5 running QIAgility Pure Precision software ver4.17
Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Temperature Range: 15-30C (59-86F)
Humidity: 40-70%
Tip Volume: 1-200ul
Precision: CV - 1%, 5-200ul (dry-well transfer) CV <5%, 2-5ul (wet-well transfer) CV - 10%, 1ul
Liquid-Level Sensing: minimum detection volume (10ul in 200ul PCR tubes) - only functional in combination with QIAGEN Conductive Filtered Tips
Dimensions (WxDxH): 54 x 63 x 45cm (21 x 25 x 18in)

Video Description:
We pan out and get a full view of the Qiagen QIAgility PCR system. The entire exterior is detailed paying attention to any connections and serial tags.
The lid is opened and we see the deck layout, followed by all the other deck accessories that this Qiagen QIAgility PCR system includes.
We verify connectivity via the laptop display, and once the entire Qiagen QIAgility PCR system has been seen we return to a full view.

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Qiagen QIAgility PCR Real-Time Preparation Unit Unit2

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