Olympus IX81 Motorized Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Pred. to IX83 Unit 5

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Olympus IX81 Motorized Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Pred. to IX83 Unit 5


Olympus IX81 Motorized Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Pred. to IX83 Unit 5 | Priced $18,995.00 | (11937)

Here is an Olympus IX81 Motorized Inverted Microscope Pred. to IX83

Currently setup for Brightfield and Fluorescence.

Please let us know if you need Phase Contrast for your applications.

Predecessor to:

This Olympus IX81 Microscope is in good working order with all aspects of the microscope tested to be working fully.
All optics of this microscope have been cleaned professionally under a class 10,000 clean room hood.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
This Olympus IX81 Motorized Inverted Fluorescence Microscope passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested Halogen Lamp and source fully.
Tested Mercury Lamp and source fully.
Tested connection from camera to computer.
Tested live feed from the camera to computer.
Tested the port splitter to switch between all ports.
Tested all filters and prisms.
Tested Z-axis adjustment and focus.
Tested all microscope buttons and adjustments to be working fully.
Tested communication and control of the microscope from computer.
Tested all motorized components including: Fluorescence Turret, Objective Turret, Z-Axis, Illumination Intensity, Light Path Switching and XY Stage.

During testing this microscope was found to have no issues. A clear image was produced through the eyepieces as well as through the camera port.
All of the mechanical and motorized components moved freely and the test sample was able to be focused without excessive effort.

System consists of:
Olympus IX81 Inverted Microscope.
U-HSTR2 Hand Switch.
Trinocular head Unit U-TR30-2
(2) WF 10x/22 Eyepieces
Prisms / Condensers:
IX2-MLWCD w/ 0.5 Lens
BrightField Light Path:
IX2-ILL100 Illumination Tower
Fluorescence Light Path:
Custom Made Culminating Adapter
Motorized Shutter
Fluorescence Turret / Cubes:
IX2-RFACA Motorized 6-position Turret
ABI-0001 EX 475/42nm DM 510nm EM 534/30nm (FITC)
ABI-0002 EX 543/42nm DM 565nm EM 588/21 (CY3)
ABI-0003 EX 575/25nm DM 600nm EM 625/26 (TXRED)
ABI-0004 EX 632/22nm DM 660nm EM 692/40 (CY5)
U-LH100L-3 12V 100W Halogen Lamp
IX2-UCB Control Box/Power Supply
EXFO X-Cite Series 120PC Q Mercury Lamp
Prior H17AIXN1 Motorized XY Stage
Prior Proscan II Control Box (H30V4)
Prior CS152EF XY Joystick
IX81 Motorized 6-position Objective Turret
4x/0.13 UPlanFL
10x/0.30 UPlanFl
20x/0.45 LUCPlanFL N
Photo / Port Split:
Left 100%
Head 100%
Head Split:
100% Eye or 50/50 or 100% Camera.
AmScope MU300 3.1 MP CMOS DIgital Camera
Motorized Components:
Objective Turret, Fluorescence Cube Turret, Z-Axis, Light Path switching, Illumination Intensity and XY Stage.
Computer and Software:
Dell Latitude i5 Laptop running Windows 10 with AmScope Software Installed.

All Communication cables and power cords.

Configuration and Setup:
Orientation: Inverted.
Illumination: Brightfield, Fluorescence.
Objectives: Olympus UPlanFl 4x/0.13, Olympus UPlanFl 10x/0.30, Olympus LUCPlanFLN 20x/0.45
Light Sources: Olympus U-LH100L-3 12V 100W Halogen Lamp, EXFO X-Cite Series 120PC Q Mercury Lamp.
Stage Type: Motorized XY Stage.

This Olympus IX81 Inverted Fluorescence Microscope is currently set up for Brightfield and Fluorescence studies.
This Olympus IX81 Motorized Inverted Microscope can be fitted with Phase Contrast if wanted.
The AmScope CMOS digital colored Camera is Capable of taking detailed digital images.
This Olympus system includes a Dell Latitude i5 Laptop to Control the AmScope Software.
This Microscope includes 4x-20x Objectives with internal magnification 1.6x and 10x eyepieces the maximum magnification of 320x.

Video Description:
The video starts off with a full view of the entire Olympus IX81 Motorized Inverted Microscope set up.
Then camera pans into the live feed on the computer.
The camera then pans around the microscope bringing into focus all possible aspects of this IX81.
The camera then pans to the IX81 Microscope accessories including the XY Joystick, microscope control pad, microscope control box, Prior stage control box, and fluorescence lamp system.
The joystick is used to move around the stage showing the live feed moving the sample around.
The control pad is used to move the motorized nosepiece. The motorized Z-axis is then used to bring the sample back into focus.
The fluorescence motorized shutter is opened and the halogen lamp is turned off.
The control pad is used to rotate the fluorescence cube turret showing the installed filter cubes.
The motorized shutter is closed again and the halogen lamp is turned back on.
The Z-axis is shown being used to bring the sample in and out of focus.

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Olympus IX81 Motorized Inverted Fluorescence Microscope Pred. to IX83 Unit 5

Manufacturer Description and Specification:

Olympus IX81 Inverted Motorized Research Fluorescent Microscope

Olympus IX81 Inverted Motorized Research Fluorescent Microscope combined with the new UIS2 optical system opens a new world of live cell imaging. As new fluorochromes are developed and new methods of light excitation and manipulation become more popular for live cell experiments, more and more researchers will require the use of low phototoxicity near-IR wavelengths in addition to the conventional visible spectrum.

Olympus IX81 Microscope has equipped its IX2 series microscopes with the new UIS2 optical system precisely to meet those demands. With high S/N ratio, compensation for chromatic aberration over a much wider wavelength range and flat, high transmittance , this new system in Olympus IX81Microscope  sets a new world standard of fluorescence performance - efficiently detecting even faint fluorescence signals without damaging the cell, optimizing multi-color observation.

• Objectives providing the best fluorescence S/N ratios.
• High performance mirror units optimized for fluorescence.
• Stray light reduction to absorb spurious reflections from dichromatic mirror.
• Unique, optional ring slit illumination reduces objective autofluorescence.
• Aspherical collector lens provides excellent excitation efficiency.

Delivering unprecedented image quality over a super wide light spectrum, the Olympus IX81 Inverted Motorized Research Fluorescent Microscope will be your choice of live cell imaging now and in the future.UIS2 optics are designed to maximize S/N ratio and optical performance for live cell fluorescence imaging. Superior S/N ratio delivers imaging excellence UIS2 objectives' fluorescence S/N ratio is improved by using selected low fluorescence glass material, and minimized autofluorescence obtained by anti-reflection coating and cementing material. Also numerical aperture (N.A.) has improved in addition to the reduction of autofluorescence. Weak fluorescence emissions are efficiently detected even from weak excitation light, which is friendly for the living cell. The ideal fluorescence imaging of live cells with the UIS2 systems!

Manufacturer Documentation:
Olympus IX71 IX81 Inverted Microscope Brochure
Olympus IX71 IX81 ZDC Focus Control Microscope Manual

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