Nikon E600 Fluorescence Upright Microscope

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Nikon E600 Fluorescence Upright Microscope


Here is a Nikon E600 Microscope

Illumination Type: Brightfield, Fluorescence

Predecessor to:

This Nikon E600 Microscope is in good working order with all aspects tested and working fully.
Microscope optics have been cleaned professionally by our technician under a class 10,000 clean room hood.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Nikon E600 Microscope passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested Halogen Lamp and Source Fully
Tested Metal Halide Lamp and Source Fully
Tested Port Splitter to split between Eyepieces and Camera
Tested Connection from Computer to Camera for Live Feed
Tested Mechanical XY Stage to limits
Tested Objectives for clarity
Tested Live Feed for clarity
Tested Fluorescence Light Path and Shutters
Tested Fluorescence Filter Cube slide block
Tested Fluorescence Filter Cubes
Tested all Mechanical and moving parts to be working fully
Tested all power switches and light adjustments on Microscope

During testing this microscope was found to have no issues.
A clear image was produced through the eyepieces as well as through the camera port.
All of the mechanical components moved freely and the test sample was able to be focused without excessive effort

System consists of:
Nikon Eclipse E600 Microscope
Trinocular Tube Head
(2) CFIUW 10x/25 Eyepieces
Achr 0.13 Condenser
Brightfield Path:
Built into base
C-LP 12V 100W Halogen Lamp
LH-M100CB-1 Mercury Lamp with C-SHG1 Mercury Lamp Control Box
Fluorescence Path:
Y-FL path w/ manual shutter
Analyzer Slide Y-FA
Fluorescence Filter Cubes:
4-position Slider
B-3A EX: 420-490nm DM: 505nm EM: 520nm
G-2A EX: 510-560nm DM: 575nm EM: 590nm
Mechanical XY Stage w/mechanical specimen holder
(holds standard 75 x 25 mm slides)
6-position Nosepiece
4x/0.13 Plan Fluor
20x/0.75 CFI Plan Apo VC (this is a high quality Nikon APO CFI60 Objective, it was originally installed in the custom piece of equipment where manufacturer did not want to show that they used Nikon objectives)
Photo / Port Split:
100% Eye or 20% Eye/80% Camera or 100% Camera
AmScope MU300 CMOS 3.1MP Digital Color Camera
Camera Mount
Computer and Software:
Dell Latitude i5 running Windows 7 Pro with AmScope software

Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Orientation: Upright
Illumination Type: Brightfield w/ Fluorescence (can be configured for Polarization at an additional cost)
Objectives: Plan Fluor 4x/0.13, CFI Plan Apo VC 20x/0.75
Light Sources: 12V 100W Halogen Lamp and 100W Mercury Lamp
Stage Type: Mechanical XY Stage

This Nikon E600 Microscope is currently set up for Brightfield and Fluorescence studies.
The MU300 AmScope CMOS digital color Camera is capable of taking detailed digital images.
The Nikon system includes a Dell Latitude i5 Laptop to control the AmScope software for live images.

Video Description:
This video begins with a full front view of the Nikon E600 Microscope powered up and running.
The camera pans from right to left for a closer look at each main component. Next, we see the AmScope software information as well as the live feed.
The specimen is moved via the focus and stage to see how it effects the live feed. Then, the halogen lamp is turned off and you see the mercury lamps effect on the fluorescence.
The mercury lamp is turned off and the halogen back on before a final front view of the Nikon E600 Microscope will end this video.

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Nikon E600 Fluorescence Upright Microscope

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