Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Motorized Microscope Stereo BF Transmit Reflect 1x,2x,5x

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Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Motorized Microscope Stereo BF Transmit Reflect 1x,2x,5x


Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Motorized Microscope Stereo BF Transmit Reflect 1x,2x,5x | Priced $12,995.00 | (16112)

Here is a Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Motoriz ed Microscope Stereo BF Transmitted, Reflective 1x,2x,5x

Setup for Brightfield Transmitted and Brightfield Reflective studies.

This Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Motorized Microscope is setup for both brightfield transmitted and reflective studies at a magnification range of 10x to 400x.
The motorized internal magnifier allows for quick one handed changes of an analog zoom while leaving your other hand free to adjust/maintain mechanical fine focus.
The pause button allows for motorized magnification lock to prevent accidental changes to the magnification during imaging.
The addition of the the Nikon monochrome camera and Elements software allows for a basic imaging with measurements and the option of Timelapse and Stitching if needed.
This would be a very good setup for an inspection microscope viewing either transparent biological samples or material samples that require a larger working distance from the objective.

The NIS Elements software is licensed for Basic Research Package includes the following:
- Basic Multidimensional Imaging
- Measurement of Intensity, ROIs, Counting, Morphology
- Large Image Stitching
- Timelapse

Overall Magnification when using all 3 objectives:
Magnification: 10...400x
Field of View: 22...0.55mm

Each Objective Specs:
1x AZ APO Plan Fluor NA0.1 WD 35mm
Magnification Range - 10x to 80x
FOV Range - 22mm to 2.75mm

2x AZ Plan Fluor NA0.2 WD 45mm
Magnification Range - 20x to 160x
FOV Range - 11mm to 1.375mm

5x AZ Plan Fluor NA0.5 WD 15mm
Magnification Range - 50x to 400x
FOV Range - 4.4mm to 0.55mm

Predecessor to:

This Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Motorized Microscope is in good working order with all aspects tested and working fully.
Microscope optics have been cleaned professionally under a class 10,000 clean room hood.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Motorized Microscope passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested motorized focus to limits: PASSED
Tested mechanical XY stage to limits: PASSED
Tested eyepieces for clarity: PASSED
Tested objectives for clarity: PASSED
Tested internal magnification range: PASSED
Tested light intensity control: PASSED
Tested port splitter: PASSED
Tested monochrome camera and software: PASSED

During testing the Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Motorized Microscope was found to be fully functional.
A clear image was produced through both the camera and eyepieces and the sample was able to be focused without excessive effort.

System consists of:
Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Microscope
Internal magnification of 1x-8x
AZ-HRC Hand Remote Controller for motorized zoom and power supply
AZ-TE80 Trinocular Head
(2) AZ-W10x/22 Eyepieces
3-position Mechanical Turret
1x AZ APO Plan Fluor NA0.1 WD 35mm
2x AZ Plan Fluor NA0.2 WD 45mm
5x AZ Plan Fluor NA0.5 WD 15mm
Mechanical XY stage w/ glass insert for transmitted light
AZ-STDM Reflective Illumination Arm
Transmitted Light Base
(2) C-FI115 Fiber Illuminator 12V 100W w/ light guide
Photo / Port Splits:
100% eye or 50/50% eye/camera
DS-Qi1Mc Digital Monochrome Camera with Digital sight controller (Pixel Size 6.45um, Resolution 1280x1024, Frame Rate 19fps at FULL)
Computer and Software:
Desktop PC (with monitor, keyboard, mouse) running Windows 7 Pro with NIS Elements Imaging software ver4.1 with dongle
Motorized Components:
Z-Axis coarse and fine zoom

All associated communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Orientation: Stereoscope
Illumination Type: Brightfield Transmitted, Brightfield Reflective
Objectives: 1x AZ APO Plan Fluor, 2x AZ Plan Fluor, 5x AZ Plan Fluor
Light Sources: Transmitted light base, Reflective light guide
Stage: Mechanical XY

Video Description:
The video beings with a full front view of the Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Motorized Microscope system powered up and running.
The camera pans from right to left for a closer look. We see the Elements software with a live feed demo via the motorized focal control and mechanical magnification.
We then see the light intensity control for both reflective and transmitted. A final front view of the Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Motorized Microscope will end this video.




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Nikon AZ100 Multizoom Motorized Microscope Stereo BF Transmit Reflect 1x,2x,5x

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