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Nanion Port-a-Patch Clamp Amplifier w/ HEKA EPC-10

Nanion Port-a-Patch Clamp Amplifier w/ HEKA EPC-10
Nanion Port-a-Patch Clamp Amplifier w/ HEKA EPC-10
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Here is a Nanion Port-a-Patch Clamp Amplifier w/ HEKA EPC-10

This setup sells for around $60,000 plus new.

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Nanion Port-a-Patch Clamp Amplifier w/ HEKA EPC-10 system is in good working condition with plenty of unopened accessories.

Please see exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Nanion Port-a-Patch Clamp Amplifier w/ HEKA EPC-10 system passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Powered on HEKA EPC 10: PASSED
Powered on Nanion Port-a-Patch System: PASSED
Powered on Nanion External Perfusion System: PASSED
Powered on Nanion Viscle Prep Station: PASSED
Powered on MCS GmbH Temperature Controller: PASSED
Successful Software Control of Entire System: PASSED
Verified Live Reading with Software: PASSED
Performed Calibration with Nanion Model Cell: PASSED
Performed "Full Test" function within PatchMaster Software: PASSED
Verified temperature control with unit and with TCX software: PASSED
Verified Temperature Accuracy with included VoltCraft Digital Thermometer: PASSED

System consists of:
Nanion Port-a-Patch w/ Faraday lid p/n 3-03-01000-000
Nanion Suction Control Unit p/n 3-90-06001-053
Nanion Perfusion Panel p/n 3-03-08000-001
Nanion Laminar Flow Chamber p/n 3-90-21000-001
Nanion Internal Perfusion Faraday Shielding p/n 3-90-19001-001
Nanion Vesicle Prep Station p/n 3-90-17002-050
Nanion Vesicle Prep Chamber p/n 3-90-17001-000
MCS Temperature Controller TC02 p/n 1-01-01034-000
MCS Perfusion Cannula PH01 p/n 3-03-21101-000
EPC10 Headstage
Unopened Heka MC-10 Model Cell p/n 895013
Nanion Model Cell
Voltcraft digital thermometer for type K p/n 1-01-01037-000
Pair of ITO slides, 2 unused boxes p/n 3-06-17000-001
Internal Perfusion Acc., unopened p/n 3-91-19002-000
External Perfusion Acc., unopened p/n 3-91-08001-000
5 x 2 way valves, luer fitting w/tubing p/n 3-03-01011-000
Tubing set for manifold, PTFE, 300cm p/n 3-03-08004-000
Tubing set for Internal Perfusion, Silicon,300cm p/n 3-03-08005-000
Tubing set for waste removal, Silicon, 300cm p/n 3-03-08006-000
Tubing set Pinch Valve, Silicon Perox. p/n 3-03-08002-000
500mL bottle, GL45 p/n 1-06-00605-000
100mL bottle, GL45 p/n 1-06-00602-000
Lid for waste bottle w/tubing, 2 sets p/n 3-03-19025-000
10 x NPC-1 Chips, 2-3.5MOhm, 11 tubes unopened
10 x NPC-1 Chips, 3-5MOhms, 10 tubes unopened
10 x NPC-1 Chips, for Erythroctes, 5 tubes unopened
Heka PatchMaster Software CD
Nanion PatchControl software CD
MCS TCX Software CD
Desktop PC (w/ monitor, keyboard, mouse) with following software installed:
- PatchMaster v2.73 with license USB dongle
- PatchControl v4.1.78
- TCX v1.3.2
Nanion Vesicle PrepPro manual
MCS PH01 Perfusion Cannula Manual
MCS Temperature Controller TC01/02 Manual
Nanion Port-O-Patch System Manual
Power Cords/Adapters & USB Cables

Configuration and Setup:
Fully computerized patch clamp amplifier with built-in data acquisition interface
True Current Clamp capabilities. True noise measurements from 100 Hz to 15 kHz.
A “Low Frequency Voltage Clamp”(LFVC) mode is provided to automatically inject an appropriate amount of current to preserve the membrane potential, at a desired level during current clamp measurements
Port-a-Patch Specifications: Chip resistance: 2 - 3.5 MO (customized resistances available) seal resistance: > 1 GO whole cell resistance: > 1 GO series resistance: < 10 MO liquid consumption: ~ 30 µl/compound perfusion time constant (Perf. Sys.) ~ 100 ms internal perfusion time constant: ~ 5 sec avg. whole cell stability: ~ 20 min successful whole cell recording: 70 - 90 % (consistent between cell lines) throughput: 20-50 dp/day

Add Ons Included with the System:
Port-a-Patch External Perfusion System with Temperature Control (cooling and heating)
Port-a-Patch Internal Perfusion System
Vesicle Prep Pro for making vesicles

The Port-a-Patch is a miniaturized patch clamp system enabling the user, regardless of experience, to generate high-quality data rapidly.
Nanion Technologies successfully validated the system with numerous ion channels expressed in different cell lines and many different primary cells and stem cells.
The Port-a-Patch is a turn-key system with a quick and easy start-up for learning patch-clamp.
High-quality measurements with giga-seals and high success rates can be performed in whole-cell, cell-attached, perforated patch, and bilayer recording configurations.
A borosilicate glass chip, NPC-1, containing a micron-sized aperture, is used for recordings.
A cell is captured from a cell suspension and automatically sealed to the chip. The program continues to apply suction pulses until the whole-cell configuration has been reached.
Versatile add-ons such as external perfusion, internal perfusion, and temperature control make the Port-a-Patch a handy and flexible tool for ion channel research.
The complete Nanion Port-a-Patch Clamp Amplifier w/ HEKA EPC-10, addition accessories, and software makes this system equivalent to a fully equipped recording setup that includes a digital storage oscilloscope, a variable analog filter, a sophisticated pulse generator, and a full-featured data acquisition and analysis system.

Video Description:
The video gives an overview of the Nanion Port-a-Patch Clamp Amplifier w/ HEKA EPC-10 system, and also performs functionality.




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