MSD Meso Sector S 600 Imager

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MSD Meso Sector S 600 Imager


MSD Meso Sector S 600 Imager | Priced $18,995.00 | (16225)

Here is a MSD Meso Sector S 600 Imager

New costs around $160K

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This MSD Meso Sector S 600 Imager has good cosmetic condition and was working when it was in use.
It was then professionally deinstalled and removed from service when research stage of the project was completed at the lab it came from.

Last PM performed on Aug'18 2018

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The MSD Meso Sector S 600 Imager

System consists of:
MSD Meso Sector S 600 Imager
MSD Single Plate Adapter w/ case
MSD Sector Demonstration Plate w/ case
Standard power cord.

Configuration and Setup:
Manufacturer's Specifications
Detection: electrochemiluminescence
Read Volume: 150ul
Read Time: 70 sec
Throughput: 50 plates/hr
Stacker Capacity: 2x20
Plate Standard Read Volume (per well):
-96-Well Multi-Array Plates: 150uL
-384-Well Multi-Array Plates: 40uL
Standard Signal Levels:
-Signals generated by Free TAG: 12,000-18,000 counts
-Signals generated by PQ Low Control: 25-100 counts
Dynamic Range of Signal: 10^6
Electronic Noise:
-Standard Deviation Dark Noise: <16 Counts
Power Requirements:
-100-240VAC 50/60Hz 3.5-2.8A
-26.8 x 30.5 x 33.9in (68.1 x 77.5 x 86.1cm)
-Weight: 150lbs (68kg)

Video Description:
We pan out to get a full look at this MSD Meso Sector S 600 Imager. An external inspection is performed so all sides and connections and serial tags can be seen.
All accessories are shown. Once every portion of this listing has been seen in detail, we return for a final look at the whole MSD Meso Sector S 600 Imager.


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MSD Meso Sector S 600 Imager

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