Milestone ETHOS EX Microwave Extraction - NO ROTOR - PL

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Milestone ETHOS EX Microwave Extraction - NO ROTOR - PL


Milestone ETHOS EX Microwave Extraction - NO ROTOR - PL | Priced $4,995.00 | (15788)

Here is a Milestone ETHOS EX Microwave Extraction Pred X

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Predecessor to:
Current model is ETHOS X

This Milestone ETHOS EX Microwave Extraction system has fair cosmetic condition.

Please see the exact photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Milestone ETHOS EX Microwave Extraction system was tested to power on only.

**System consists of**:
Milestone ETHOS EX Microwave Extraction System
Easy CONTROL touchscreen controller
Communication and power cables.


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Milestone ETHOS EX Microwave Extraction - NO ROTOR - PL

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