Microscope Repair Service

Brands we service.   Nikon, Leica, Olympus.

We can add/install accessories to these microscopes from any of the 3rd party vendors.


Repair and Upgrade Services we offer.

Complete inspection and cleaning of the microscope light path.

Overall microscope cleaning.

Repair of all mechanical microscope components.

Greasing of mechanical microscope components.

Replacement of burned out lamps.

Diagnostic/Repair/Replacement of failed electrical and electronic components such as microscope power supplies, microscope lamp housings, microscope motorized components such as XY stages, Z adjustments, shutters, light Sources, joysticks, controllers.

Repair or replacement any parts/mechanisms deemed by the service technician to be worn/faulty/defective or having an adverse effect on the performance and usability of the microscope.

Necessary alignment and adjustment of microscope components

Assembly of required filter cubes or defective filter replacements in the microscope filter cubes.

Objectives Rebuild (often impossible, but we can try)

Upgrades such as an addition of XY and XYZ motorized stages, Z adjustments, Lightsource upgrades to LED or Xenon Arc, Shutters, Cameras, Objectives, Filters, Prism, Light Path and other motorized microscope components.

Light port conversions to accept confocal microscope lasers.

Repair/Replacement of Motorized Stages and components from Prior, Marzhauser, ASI, Clemex, Lep Ludl.


Additional Microscope Services that we offer.

Microscope Recycling

Microscope Refurbishing


Models we service

Nikon Inverted:  TE200, TE300, TE2000, TS100, MA100, MA200,  Epiphot, TI

Nikon Upright: E600, E800, E1000,  ME600,  LV150, SM Series, SMZ Series, i Series, Ni Series


Leica DM Series, DMI Series, DMIL Series, MZ Series, S Series.

Olympus IX Series,  BX Series, SZ Series, SZX Series 


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