Merck Millipore Guava easyCyte 5HT Cytometer HT

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Merck Millipore Guava easyCyte 5HT Cytometer HT


Here is a Millipore easyCyte 5HT Cytometer HT

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Millipore Guava easyCyte 5HT Cytometer is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Millipore Guava easyCyte 5HT Cytometer passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Perform maintenance and inspection on all moving parts
Performed power on test: PASSED
Tested communication with software: PASSED
Tested operation of sample mixer: PASSED
Tested operation of sample tray and full travel: PASSED
Tested operation of Microcapillary Fluidics: PASSED
Performed check of laser, optics, and detectors using Guava Check beads: PASSED
Purged system with DI water for storage
Purged Flow cell with dry nitrogen before storage to ensure proper operation when set back up.

System consists of:
Millipore Guava easyCyte HT Cytometer
Dell Latitude i5 running Windows 7 Pro with guavaSoft ver1.1
Unopened Guava IFC (Instrument Cleaning Fluid)
Guava Flowcell II and Flowcell removal tool.
Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Laser: Blue 488 nm
Parameters measured: FSC, SSC, Green-B(525/30nm), Yellow-B (583/26 nm) and Red-B (695/50 nm)
Sample Handling: Automated sample collection from Microplates and tubes with sample mixing
Sheath Fluid: N/A instead uses Microcapillary Fluidics
Computer: Dell Laptop with guavaSoft 1.1

The following licenses are included in the system configuration:
Guava Cell Cycle
Guava Expressplus
Guava Caspase
Guava MitoPotential
Guava Nexin
Guava Tunel
Guava Viacount
Guava ExpressPro

Video Description:
The video starts with the Millipore Guava easyCyte 5HT Cytometer running the guava check beads. We show the software acquiring data.
Then we show the flowcell area and with removal tool. After we move back to the computer to show progress on the guava check.
While this continues we move to the back of the Millipore Guava easyCyte 5HT Cytometer to view the serial and model tags.
We come back in time to see the passing result for all 3 Replicates.
After we are done waiting for the Millipore Guava easyCyte 5HT Cytometer to finish quick cleaning we navigate to the cleaning function of the software and eject the tray to check the tubes for the cleaning solutions.
Then we run the cleaning protocol. We finish with overview of the Millipore Guava easyCyte 5HT Cytometer.

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Merck Millipore Guava easyCyte 5HT Cytometer HT

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