Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control SOLDOUT

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Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control SOLDOUT


Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control SOLDOUT | Priced $0.00 | (4225)

Here is a Masstech AP/Maldi PDF+ Ion Source Control. This came to us from Amgen ( due to a lab's shutdown. 

Sale is for control unit ONLY, ION Source is not included.  Nothing other than what you see is included.

ION Source Control Unit is in working condition as shown in the record below. 

Software has also been set-up and unit responds fine.  Windows XP 32Bit was used.

More info, Manual and Software can be found here -

Amgen Equipment purge record -

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control SOLDOUT

Manufacturer Description and Specification:

Pulsed Dynamic Focusing Technology – PDF:
The Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control has conventionally used continuous electric fields to extract ions into a mass spectrometer. The Pulsed Dynamic Focusing (PDF) technology applies a new electric field scheme, whereby the extraction field is applied for only a brief timed interval after the laser pulse is initiated. By removing the electric field while ions are in transit from the target plate surface to the entrance of the mass spectrometer, ions avoid being lost to the entrance tip and walls. Instead, the ions are entrained by the gas flow into the MS. The technique is termed Pulsed Dynamic Focusing because the electric field (between the target plate and MS inlet) is pulsed to zero at an optimal time, so those ions are dynamically focused into the MS. Overall, PDF technology significantly improves the signal level and reliability of the AP/MALDI.

Advantages of PDF Include:
• Increased the transmission efficiency of ions into MS
• Higher ionization efficiency at a greater voltage setting
• Greater sample throughput when the larger laser spot size is applied
• Insensitivity to the laser misalignments
The PDF is integrated directly into the AP/MALDI PDF ion source and is controlled via the Target Control Software.

The Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control
The Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control is mounted inside a housing source; the housing source is attached to the inlet flange. All ions produced inside the housing source travel toward the inlet orifice of the mass spectrometer with a stream of steady gas flow created by the suction provided by the mass spectrometer inlet. The housing source consists of two connected halves:
the target side of the housing source and the instrument side of the housing source. 

The Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control samples are deposited onto the surface of a replaceable target plate that is slipped into a target plate holder; the samples can be deposited on the surface of each target plate. The high voltage (typically 2 kV) is applied between the sample plate and capillary inlet of the mass spectrometer to assist the transportation of the ions toward the inlet orifice.

The sample material deposited on the surface of a target plate is irradiated with the laser light. The high repetition rate (all-solid-state Nd:YAG laser) has a wavelength 355 nm and is mounted inside a control unit. (50-200 Hz for AP/MALDI PDF+; 500-1000 Hz for AP/MALDI HR) The sample material is also connected to the AP/MALDI ion source by an optical fiber. The laser light pulses transmitted through the optical fibers, which are focused by a quartz lens and directed onto the target surface with a mirror.

A CCD camera and imaging optics enable the user to monitor the target plate motion and the sample evaporation processes on the computer monitor . Inside the housing source there is also a source of visible light  to illuminate the target plate surface.

The Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control can be easily opened to replace the target plates. A safety interlock prevents the laser from being switched “ON” or HV to be applied to a target plate if the source is opened.

The Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control (Atmospheric Pressure, Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization) source has been our signature product since the inception of the company. Currently in its’ fifth generation -called AP-MALDI (ng) HR - our Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control uses  everal key pieces of technology MassTech has developed over years of work with this product. Furthermore, as the AP-MALDI operates at atmospheric pressure (requiring zero pumping time after installation) samples are not required to be vacuum compatible. This gives you the ability to use volatile or semi-volatile solvents and matrices in your sample, allowing for new and non-traditional MALDI applications.

The Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Laser Control source is compatible with Mass Spectrometers from all major Mass Spectrometer manufacturers. Due to the atmospheric pressure interface, you can switch from ESI to AP-MALDI in minutes, if not seconds! For labs with occasional MALDI needs, or for labs without a dedicated MALDI Mass Spectrometer, the Masstech AP/MALDI PDF+ ION Source Laser Control is the perfect solution.

Manufacturer Documentation:

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