Leica DMi8 Motorized Fluorescence Microscope with LED Light Source

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Leica DMi8 Motorized Fluorescence Microscope with LED Light Source


Leica DMi8 Motorized Fluorescence Microscope with LED Light Source | Priced $30,995.00 | (15024)

Here is a Leica DMi8 Motorized Fluorescence Phase Contrast Microscope
Made in 2014

This microscope setup is fully motorized and controllable through Leica's LAS X software.
Currently running on the core program which allows for the following

Image capture
Live camera viewing
Motorized control of the microscope and light sources

Additional features are available in this software but will require a license from Leica (Not Included)
Those features include the following:
Analysis of captured images
Integration of 3rd party cameras
Autofocus functions
Sample Scanning

Setup for Brightfield Transmitted with Phase Contrast and Fluorescence Reflective studies.

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Leica DMi8 Motorized Microscope is in good working order with all aspects tested and working fully.
Microscope and optics have been professionally cleaned by our technicians under a class 10,000 clean room hood.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Leica DMi8 Motorized Microscope passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested LED transmitted lamp and supply: PASSED
Tested intensity adjustment of LED lamp: PASSED
Tested motorized aperture and shutter: PASSED
Tested LED fluorescence source and light guide: PASSED
Tested metal halide fluorescence system and motorized shutter: PASSED
Tested motorized and mechanical fluorescence light paths to work: PASSED
Tested port splitter to switch between both ports: PASSED
Tested motorized XY stage to initialize: PASSED
Tested motorized Z-axis to limits: PASSED
Tested control of motorized XY and Z axis via SmartMove joystick: PASSED
Tested motorized fluorescence turret: PASSED
Tested fluorescence illumination of filter cubes and slide sample: PASSED
Tested motorized fluorescence shutters: PASSED
Tested objectives for clarity: PASSED
Tested motorized objective turret working: PASSED
Tested eyepieces for clarity: PASSED
Tested connection from microscope to LAS X software: PASSED
Tested connection from camera to desktop via LAS X software: PASSED
Tested life feed for quality: PASSED
Tested control of all motorized aspects via LAS X software: PASSED
Tested all motorized parts including nosepiece, fluorescence turret, fluorescence shutter, condenser, XY stage, Z-axis, halogen shutter, light path switching: PASSED

During testing this Leica DMi8 Motorized Microscope was found to have no issues.
A clear image was produced through the eyepieces as well as through the camera port.
All of the mechanical and motorized components moved freely and the test sample was able to be focused without excessive effort.

System consists of:
Leica DMI8 Inverted Microscope
Microscope Control / Power Supply:
CTR SYS Controller
Bino Ergo Tube
(2) HC PLAN s 10x/25 M Eyepieces
Condenser / Prisms:
Condenser S28/0.55 1-28 moving Head Motorized
PH1 Phase Contrast Ring
PH2 Phase Contrast Ring
Brightfield Path:
TL Arm with Motorized FD
TL LED Leica w/ shutter
Fluorescence Light Path:
T-House Duel Fluorescence mounting Paths
EXFO XLED1 LED Fluorescence Lamp with light guide and motorized shutter
Motorized External Fluor Axis
EL6000 Metal Halide Lamp with 1inch fiber-optics adapter and manual shutter and iris
Fluorescence Filter Cubes:
6-position Motorized Filter cube Turret
DAPI EM: 390/70nm DM: 455nm EM: 470 LP 11525304 (Blue)
FITC EM: 490/20nm DM: 505nm EM: 525/20nm 11525307 (Green)
TXR EX: 560/40nm DM: 595nm EM: 645/75nm 11525308 (Red)
Y5 EX: 620/60nm DM: 660nm EM: 700/75nm 11525312 (Deep Red)
Quad LED 89402 (DAPI/FITC/TRITC/CY5) (Blue, Green, Red, Deep Red)
Illumination Type:
TL LED Lamp with CTR SYS Control/Power Box
EXFO XLED1 LED with liquid light guide
EL6000 Metal Halide Fluorescence Light Source with liquid light guide
Stage Type:
Motorized XY Scanning Stage 127x83 with low profile sample darkroom attachment
CTR SYS Control Box w/ XY Advanced Board
SmartMove XYZ Joystick
6-position Motorized Objective Turret
5x/0.12 HCX FL PLAN
10x/0.30 HC PL FLUOTAR PH1
20x/0.80 HC PL APO
Photo / Port Splits:
100% Eye or 50/50 or 100% right or 100% Left or 50/50
DMC2900 3.1MP USB3.0 CMOS Camera -Current Model
Computer and Software:
Desktop PC running Windows 7 Pro with LAS X software ver1.5 (with monitor, keyboard, mouse)
Motorized Components:
XY stage, Z-axis, fluorescence turret, fluorescence shutter, condenser, TL shutter, light path
Communication and Power Cables:
(5) 115V Power Cable
USB 3.0 Communication Cable
Stage Control Cable 25 pin to two round style
USB Cable to Control Microscope
USB Cable to Control the EXFO LED system
25 pin Microscope communication cable

Configuration and Setup:
Orientation: Inverted
Illumination Type: Brightfield Transmitted with Phase Contrast and Fluorescence Reflective
Objectives: 5x/0.12 HCX FL PLAN, 10x/0.30 HC PL FLUOTAR PH1, 20x/0.80 HC PL APO, 40x/0.60 HC PL FLUOTAR CORR PH2
Light Sources: TL LED Lamp, EL6000 Metal Halide Fluorescence, EXFO XLED1 LED
Stage: Motorized XY

This Leica DMi8 Motorized Microscope is currently set up for Brightfield Transmitted with Phase Contrast and Fluorescence Reflective studies.
This Leica DMi8 Motorized Microscope is for biological studies on slides and in petri dishes as well as well plates.
This system running off the Leica LAS X software for detailed control, image acquisition, process, quantify and analysis.
The motorized XY and Z axis can be controlled via software or SmartMove joystick for fine movements and focal points.

Video Description:
The video starts off with a full view of the entire Leica DMi8 Motorized Microscope. The camera shows the "About screen" and the live feed working.
The XY stage and Z-axis are shown being controlled with the smart move system. The objective turret is rotated with the LAS software.
The aperture and light intensity is changed with the LAS software. The fluorescence system is shown being controlled.
First using the EL6000 metal halide lamp system, then using the EXFO LED system. All screen on the touchscreen are shown.
There is one final view of the Leica DMi8 Motorized Microscope system.

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Leica DMi8 Motorized Fluorescence Microscope with LED Light Source

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