Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler w/ (3) Arms and Mettler Balance

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Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler w/ (3) Arms and Mettler Balance


Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler w/ (3) Arms and Mettler Balance | Priced $34,995.00 | (13142)

Here is a Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler w/ (3) Arms and Mettler WXS204S Scales

Setup with Span-8, Roma gripper and Tube gripper

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler is in good working order and also has good cosmetic condition.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handlerpassed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested communication with Evoware 2.7 software.
Tested system initialization.
Tested door lock sensors.
Tested arm travel across the deck.
Tested span 8 aspiration of liquid.
Tested span 8 dispensing of liquid.
Tested liquid level sensing
Tested Tube gripper
Tested Roma gripper
Tested scale

System consists of:
Tecan Freedom EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler
Span-8 arm
Roma plate gripper arm
Tube gripper arm
(5) 4-position flat plate carrier
2-position plus waste tip carrier
(8) 1ml syringe pumps
Wash Station
(2) 16-position Test Tube racks
Mettler Toledo WXS204S scale
Dell Latitude i5 running Windows 7 Pro with Freedom EVOware ver2.7 software with Dongle key
Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Robotic Arms: Span 8, Roma gripper, Tube gripper
Channels: 1-8 channel
Volume: 1ul to 1ml
Application: Liquid handling and sample preparation
Tip Type: DiTi

Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handlercomes with tube gripper and scale for easy processing of tube samples.
The Mettler Toledo has readability of 0.1mg and an eccentricity deviation of .3mg at 100g.

Video Description:
The video start with a wide front view of the Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler. Then we pan to laptop to see the software version.
After that we take a closer look to the Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler, showing all arms, tubes and plates, and Mettler Toledo scales.
Once overview is completed, we come back to laptop to start a method.
The method is started and you can see the Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler operating and performing basic functions: aspirating, dispensing, moving plates and weighing via Mettler scales.
Then we pan around to the back of the Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler to see the serial tag, connections and cosmetic condition.
After that we come back to the front view of the Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler.




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Tecan EVO-2 200 Liquid Handler w/ (3) Arms and Mettler Balance

Manufacturer Description and Specification:

The Tecan Freedom EVO 200 Liquid Handler w/ Span-8, Gripper, Roma Plate of versatile liquid handling workstations serves an extensive range of life science applications and builds on over 20 years of Tecan experience to deliver complete, flexible and expandable automation solutions. Each workstation can be equipped with a choice of robotic arms, liquid handling tools and other devices to meet your requirements. With the intuitive Freedom EVOware software, each system can successfully automate applications in drug discovery and development, diagnostics, veterinary and forensic laboratories.
The Tecan Freedom EVO 200 Liquid Handler is available in four different base sizes (75, 100, 150 and 200 cm), each of which can easily be tailored to the laboratory’s requirements with a range of automation-friendly devices,
• fast transfer robotic manipulator arms for moving tubes, plates and other labware between process modules
• high-precision liquid handling arms with independent liquid channel control for up to 8 channels and also a 96 channel head
• multichannel pipetting heads
• detection instruments
• vacuum solid phase extraction devices
• magnetic bead-based separation tools
• barcode reading and labeling devices
• XP Smart dilutors with syringe combinations from 50–5,000 μl
• incubators and shakers
• carousels, hotels and other labware storage devices
• standard labware carriers
• a variety of third-party instruments.

The choice of robotic arms allows robotic and liquid handling functions to be performed in parallel, ensuring the highest throughput and optimizing the process flow. A robotic manipulator arm has an extended vertical reach for integrating further modules below the worktable, for non-benchtop devices or for laboratories where benchspace is at a premium. Reconfiguration of an instrument on site ensures that each system can evolve as application or capacity requirements change, providing long term protection of the laboratory’s investment. The Tecan Freedom EVO 200 Arms Liquid Handler combines advanced pipetting precision with reliability and high throughput. It may be fitted with one, two, four or eight pipetting channels, each capable of independent height movement and automatic spacing for accessing vessels simultaneously between 9 mm and 38 mm apart. Each channel can use one of a range of different disposable or washable tips, allowing optimization of the application and minimizing the running costs of disposables. The Te-Fill liquid handling arm greatly extends the upper liquid volume range, while other application-oriented tips (eg. low volume tips, nanopipetting tips) optimize the lower volume range. Each channel includes automatic liquid level detection using Tecan’s conductive or pressure-based detection technologies to ensure safe and correct liquid volume transfer over a spectrum of different liquid types. Tecan Freedom EVO 200 Arms Liquid Handlers are controlled with the intuitive Freedom EVOware software, a revolutionary and easy-to-use package that combines pipetting actions with the scheduled operation of devices for incubation, detection, mixing or other process steps. User management, file protection and traceability features provide the ability to comply with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. • Flexible workstation integrates with many peripheral devices. • Precise liquid handling for numerous life science processes. • Freely configurable for multiple applications or users. • User-friendly interface for easy task scheduling and control.

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