Olympus UPlanApo 60x/0.90 [infinity]/0.11-0.23 Objective

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Olympus UPlanApo 60x/0.90 [infinity]/0.11-0.23 Objective


Olympus UPlanApo 60x/0.90 [infinity]/0.11-0.23 Objective | Priced $1,295.00 | (13189)

Here is an Olympus UPlanAPO 60x/0.90 [infinity]/0.11-0.23 Objective

If using for DIC, make sure you are using matching condenser slide. If not using for DIC you can just ignore this line.

Each used objective that we sell has been completely inspected, cleaned, installed into the appropriate microscope and it's performance observed by a qualified technician.
If objective is adjustable/spring loaded it is lubricated and verified that its mechanical parts move well.

Feel free to check with us if you are unsure it would fit your microscope.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Olympus UPlanApo 60x/0.90 [infinity]/0.11-0.23 Objective

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