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Lyophilizers and Freeze Dryers

Brand: Virtis Product Code: 11969
Capacity: 12 Liter condenser
Cooling Temp: -55 deg C
Manifold Type: external 12 position
Vacuum Pump: Adixen pascal 2015 SD
Brand: Virtis Product Code: 14588
Capacity: 35L
Temperature Range: down to -85C
Evaporation Rate: 20L of water in 24hours

Brand: Virtis Product Code: 11529
Capacity: 3.5 L
Sublimation / evaporation rate: Variable, dependent on sample and recipe
Cooling type: Single compressor, air cooled condenser
Manifold type: (4) external mounted Quickseal valves
Vacuum pump: Dual stage Pump capable of at least 65 LPM
Brand: Virtis Product Code: 10877
Lowest Shelf Temp: -35 C
Shelf Temp Range: -35 to 65 C
Maximum Condenser Capacity: 25L
Condenser Pull Down Time: 30 min
Number of Compressors: 1
Brand: FTS Product Code: 17196
Capacity: 4ft^2 of tray space
Minimum Temp: -85C
Manifold: Dura-Stop MP Stoppering Tray Dryer (Needs refrigerant recharge)
Vacuum Pump: Leybold Trivac D8A Rotary Vane Dual Stage, 7cfm
Evaporation Rate: 20L per 24hr
Brand: Labconco Product Code: 13026
Maximum Condenser Capacity: 6L
Evaporation Rate: 4 liters of water in 24 hours
Minimum Temperature: -50C
Manifold Type: 12 port Manifold
Vacuum Pump: Labconco 195 (Edwards RV8)
Brand: Labconco Product Code: 14549
Maximum Condenser Capacity: 12L
Evaporation Rate: 8L of water in 24h
Minimum Temperature: -50C
Manifold Type: 12-port Manifold
Vacuum Pump: Adixen Pascal 2021i
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