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In-Vivo Systems

Brand: Analogic Product Code: 24062
Resolution: submillimeter spacial resolution min-156 microns
Light Sources: (4) laser diodes at 635, 670, 750, 785nm
Filters: four-position excitation filters, four-position emission filters
Detectors: TE-cooled back-illuminated high quantum efficiencyCCD camera with air assist
Supported Methods: fluorescence Molecular Tomography
Brand: Perkin Elmer Product Code: 23784
Illumination Type: Transillumination and Epi
Camera Type: CCD
Stage Type: Transilluminating stage
Control Software (required): TrueQuant 3D
Brand: Xenogen Product Code: 13951
Application Types: wavelength range for fluorescence applications from 400 to 950 nm
Camera Resolution: Back illuminated, CCD Format 1024x1024
Pixel Dimensions: 13x13 um
Quantum Efficiency: >85% 400-700nm, >50% 350-900nm, 550-650nm
Readout Noise - bin 1 <2 eRMS, Dark Charge <0.0015 e- /pixel/sec
Brand: CRI Product Code: 10812
Wavelength range: Visible 420-720nm, 500 to 950 near infrared
Image Sensor: format 2/3-inch CCD, The active light sensitive area of the CCD is 1392 pixels in the horizontal direction and 104
Operating temperature: 15 C to 40 C, Operating humidity: 65%, non-condensing, Operating Altitude (maximum): 2000 meters, Storage
Includes 645 and 745nm emission filters, Excitation filters
Imaging module dimensions: 18.6 in. wide x 16.3 in. deep x 37.4 in. high. Weight: Imaging module: 100 lbs. (45 kg), Illumination
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