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Histology, Microtomes

Brand: Thermo Electron Product Code: 10996
Cassettes: 306 in Organised load
Wax Chambers: 4 at 4.3 (litre) each
Fluid Reagent Bottles: (12) at 4.3 (litre) each
Spillage Container: (1) at 4.3 (litre)
Temperature (operation) +5C to + 35C, Temperature (transit/storage) -25C to + 55C (+70C for short exposure)
Brand: Precisionary Product Code: 16829
Advance Speed: 0-20mm/sec adjustable; Return Speed: 20mm/sec fixed
Vibration Frequency: 0-20Hz adjustable; Vibration Amplitude: 2mm fixed
Z-axis Vibration: < 2um; Blade: double edge razor blade; Cutting Angle: 13 degrees, fixed (standard)
Maximum Tissue Diameter: 12.5mm (standard tube), 15.5mm (large tube), 6mm (small tube); Maximum Tissue Length 25mm; Minimum Slic
Cutting Mode: single/continue selectable
Brand: Leica Product Code: 10799
Application: automated slide staining
Available Positions: 20 reagent
PCMCIA Card Included: Yes
Coverslip sizes: 22–24 x 40–60 mm
Throughput: approx. 400 slides/hour
Brand: Leica Product Code: 19673
Application: automated slide staining
Slide Rack Capacity: 30 specimen slides
PCMCIA Card Included: Yes 16MB Compact Flash with adapter
Total Number of Stations: 40 (36 + 4 oven)
Weight: 90 kg (198.4 lbs)
Brand: Leica Product Code: 16667
Operation: manually operated sliding microtome
Stroke Type: slide
Section Thickness Range: 0-60um
Vertical Stroke: N/A
Sectioning Speed: Manual
Brand: Leica Product Code: 16608
Operation: semi automatic/manual
Stroke Type: single, interval, continuous
Section Thickness Range: 0.5 to 300uM
Vertical Stroke: 0.59mm
Sectioning Speed: 0.1 to 170 mm/sec, Max 210 mm/sec
Brand: Leica Product Code: 19575
Section Thickness Setting: 0.5 - 300um
Overall Specimen Feed: 25mm
Vertical Stroke: 59mm
Cryochamber temperature setting in 1C increments
Specimen Retraction: 50um
Brand: Leica Product Code: 11873
Operation: semi automatic/manual
Stroke type: single, interval, continuous
Section thickness range: 0.5 to 300 uM
Vertical stroke: .59 mm
Sectioning speed mm/sec: 0.1 mm/sec. to 170 mm/sec, Vmax 210 mm/sec
Brand: Leica Product Code: 10605
Application: automated slide staining
Available Positions: 20 reagent
PCMCIA Card Included: Yes

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