Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler / Prep Scale HPLC System

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Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler / Prep Scale HPLC System


Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler / Prep Scale HPLC System | Priced $8,995.00 | (12726)

Here is a Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler System

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Using a GSIOC command tool instead of the compatible software, armature was run through all of it positions and functions manually and experienced no errors.
Pumps tested for manual functions (Prime/flow/outlets), valves opened and closed as intended when prompted, prime functioned without error as well as the flow and pressure functions under variable settings (max/ min flow)

System consists of:
Gilson GX-281 Liquid handler
GX Direct injection module
GX Prep Solvent System
Gilson 333 pump
Gilson 334 pump
Dell Latitude i5 running GSUTIL32 ver4.0
Communication and power cables.


Configuration and Setup:
Sampler Type: X/Y/Z with stationary rack design
Probe Positioning Performance: Accuracy +/- 0.05 mm in X/Y/Z dimensions, Repeatability +/- 0.025 mm in X/Y/Z dimensions
Arm Speed: 0.01 to 600.00 mm/sec in X dimension, 0.01 to 600.00 mm/sec in Y dimension, 0.01 to 125.00 mm/sec in Z dimension
Data Acquisition: An input channel for analog-to-digital conversion, Input impedance More than 100K ohms, Input voltage range -1.0V to +1.0V, Input resolution: 10uV
Locator Plate Capacity Up to six Code 200-series racks
Uv/vis detector comes with .2mm prep scale flow cell
Both pumps are equipped with H3 pump heads for preparative use ( flow rates between 0.20-200ml / min, 21MPa )

Video Description:
We zoom out so that we get a full view of the entire Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler.
From there we zoom in on the display and do a brief inspection of the Z arm, and valves.
The pumps are shown next, with the pump heads detailed and several menus cycled through on the controller to verify functionality.
From here we pan around to the rear of the system and have a look at all the connections and serials tags / warning stickers.
Once complete we pan back to the front and bring the laptop into view.
The GSIOC utility is started and the armatures are homed and then tested to show a full range of motion.
Once we've seen this, the test it stopped and the Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler homed on it's axes.
Then we zoom back out so we can have one final look at the Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler.


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Gilson GX-281 Liquid Handler / Prep Scale HPLC System

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