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Brand: Eksigent Product Code: 25400
Flow Rate: 1-50uL on loading channel, 100-1000nL on gradient one and two
Autosampler Injection: down to 200nL
Pressure: up to 10,000 PSI
Channels: 3 (loading, gradient 1, gradient 2)
Application: liquid chromatography
Brand: Waters Product Code: 25212
Maximum Operating Pressure: 18,000PSI at 1mL/min
pH Range: 2 to 12
Less than 15 seconds to inject
Injection Volume Range: 0.1uL to 250uL
Temperature Stability: +/-1.0C
Brand: Waters Product Code: 25448
Number of Solvents: up to 4
Unit Sections: PDA Detector, Column Heater, Sample Manager, and Binary Solvent Manager
Maximum Operating Pressure: 10,000psi
Can Hold 2 (96 or 384) plates in sample storage
PDA Detector Wavelength Range: 190-500nm
Brand: Tosoh Product Code: 31994
Temperature Range: up to 220C
24 vial auto sampler with temperature control
Heated solvent holder at 40C
Large column oven can house up to 8 columns and switching valve
Constant temperature of pump heads and solvent line
Brand: Cytiva GE Product Code: 28999
Pump Flow Rate: 200mL/min
Testing: ultrafiltration, microfiltration, chromatography and tangential flow filtration
Software: Unicorn 5.11
Mixing Principle: Magnetic stirrer
Operating Pressure Max: 5.2 bar (75.4 psi)
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