Hamilton STAR-LET STARlet Liquid Handler Span8 and CORE gripper w/ Venus3 by

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Hamilton STAR-LET STARlet Liquid Handler Span8 and CORE gripper w/ Venus3


Hamilton STAR-LET STARlet Liquid Handler Span8 and CORE gripper w/ Venus3 | Priced $21,995.00 | (11654)

Here is a Hamilton STAR-LET Liquid Handler Span8

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Hamilton STARLet Liquid Handler is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The STAR-LET Liquid Handler passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested communication with Venus 3 software.
Tested system initialization.
Tested manual control of liquid handling arm.

System consists of:
Hamilton Scientific Microlab Starlet Fully Automated Liquid Handler w/ Venus 3 software v4.3
(2) DWP Carrier 182090
(2) MTP Carrier 182365
Tip Rack Carrier 182085
Dell Latitude i5 running Window 7 Pro with Hamilton Run Control software.
Communication and power cables.

Please note: system will also have CORE gripper for microplate transfers and associated plate carrier.
It is not shown in the photos, but is included and was tested on the instrument.

Configuration and Setup:
Robotic arms: Span8
Channels per arm: 8
Volume: 1ul to 1000ul per tip
Tip type: disposable
Application: Liquid Handling and Sample Preparation

This liquid handler is capable of processing a variety of labware for plate to plate, reservoir to plate, test tube to plate and serial dilution sample preparations.
With the additions of the CO-RE grippers this system is able to use stacked tip racks and move labware across the entire length of the deck.

Video Description:
The video shows a front view of the Hamilton STARlet liquid handler. Camera zooms in and door is opened.
A detail of the shelves in this liquid handler and the pipette tips is seen, followed by a pan to the left side for a better view of the connections and serial tags.
The other sides and rear of machine are shown before technician goes to laptop screen an initializes the STARlet Microlab.
Camera pans to an interior view and follows the arm through the initialization process.
Upon completion the door is closed and we focus once more on a full view of the Hamilton STAR-LET Liquid Handler.




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Hamilton STAR-LET STARlet Liquid Handler Span8 and CORE gripper w/ Venus3

Manufacturer Description and Specification:

The Hamilton Microlab STAR Line of workstations uses air displacement pipetting and the unique CO-RE system for forceless tip pickup and ejection.
These unrivaled features maximize sample care and integrity. This technology is applied to independent pipetting channels and multiprobe heads;
simply switch on your system and start running your method.

Due to the modular design, changes and upgrades to existing configurations are easy with STAR instruments. As your projects change, your STAR workstation can also evolve to meet new challenges. Most upgrades can be performed in your lab within one or two days to minimize downtime.

  • Automated intelligence with Hamilton’s air-based advanced pipetting features
  • Reduced risk of contamination for critical assays due to the combination with disposable tips
  • Less maintenance required due to no system liquid, diluters, valves or tubing
  • No dilution effect of samples

The scalability of STAR Line instruments means that the widest possible range of throughputs and budgets can be accommodated: additional pipetting channels,
a CO-RE 96, 384 Probe Head or an iSWAP plate handling arm can be fitted to existing configurations.

Hamilton STAR Line instruments excel in automating multiple applications for both the biological and analytical sciences.
Thousands of STAR Line workstations have been installed around the world to automate a wide range of applications.
They offer the flexibility and modularity you need to create the perfect automated solution for your laboratory.
For specific demands, the Hamilton Application Engineering (APE) group is available to design everything from custom racks to complex system integrations.


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