Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler Unit#2

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Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler Unit#2


Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler Unit#2 | Priced $695.00 | (13431)

Here is a Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler Unit#2

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Was run through all manual commands via the Gsioc Utility without errors.
XYZ axes tested and showed a full range of motion.
Direct injection valve run through positions manually with no errors.

System consists of:
Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler
Direct Injection Module
Communication and power cables.

Please note: laptop is not included - it was used to show communication with software and making the video..

Configuration and Setup:
Sampler Type: X/Y/Z with stationary rack design
Probe Positioning Performance: Accuracy: +/- 0.75 mm in X/Y/Z dimensions, Repeatability: +/- 0.20 mm in X/Y/Z dimensions
Probe Rinse: Probe rinsing and flowing probe rinsing occurs through a dedicated rinse station
Plate capacity: Code 20 series tray insert - up to five racks, Code 200/300 series - up to three racks
Software Control: Computer control via Ethernet and TRILUTION software; or via RS-232 or GSIOC

Configured with a GX Direct Injection Module for injection onto an HPLC or LC/MS system.
Allows the use of Code 20, 200 or 34X Series Racks
Volume capabilities ranging from 50 uL to hundreds of milliliters
Flow rate up to 50 mL/min.

Video Description:
We zoom out and see a full view of the Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler.
Then we pan around to perform a full external inspection paying special attention to the injection module, valves, connections on the rear of the Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler and the serial tags.
Once complete we return to the front of the Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler and perform a XYZ test through the GSIOC utility.
The test is stopped once a full range of motion is displayed. Once complete, we take a final view at the Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler from the front.

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Gilson GX-271 Liquid Handler Unit#2

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