GE In Cell Analyzer 2000 Cell Imaging Pred. to In Cell 2200

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GE In Cell Analyzer 2000 Cell Imaging Pred. to In Cell 2200


GE In Cell Analyzer 2000 Cell Imaging Pred. to In Cell 2200 | Priced $13,995.00 | (9606)

Here is a GE InCell Analyzer 2000 Cell Imaging Pred. to 2200

This has both Brightfield and Fluorescence options installed.

Made in 2011

Predecessor to:
Current model is In Cell 2200
This unit is very similar in specs to the upgraded model GE In cell 2200
New IN CELL 2200 Starts from $170,000

This GE InCell Analyzer 2000 is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The InCell passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
We performed inspection of all mechanical and optical components.
Cleaned and verified optics in class 10,000 clean room enclosure.
Updated the Control software and firmware to the newest available version from GE.
Using 96-well microplate we ran several imaging cycles to verify operation.
We also successfully took a set of images to perform 3D Deconvolution via third party free open source software.
The Software and Firmware update was actually performed by the GE Engineer. System was then verified again to perform properly.

System consists of:
GE In Cell Analyzer 2000 Cell Imaging system.
PC running Windows 7 Pro with the newest available version of In Cell 2000 software.
All communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Illumination Type: Fluorescence, Brightfield option is installed
Included Objectives: Nikon 10X/0.45 Plan Apo CFI/60, 20X/0.45 Plan Fluor ELWD Corr Collar 0-2.0 CFI/60
Camera Type: Photometrics CoolSNAP K4 CCD 2048x2048 7.4x7.4-um Pixels
Stage: Stage is sized to hold microplates and microplate adapters.
Control Software: Incell Analyzer 2000 5.2-4311 (64-bit)

Filter 1 DAPI
Filter 2 FITC
Filter 3 TexasRed
Filter 4 Cy3
Filter 5 Cy5
Filter 6 dsRed
Filter 7 CFP
Filter 8 YFP
These fluorescent filters are on two separate turrets allowing for any EM filter to be combined with any EX filter.

Video Description:
The video #1 starts with a overall system view of GE InCell Analyzer 2000 Cell Imaging system panning to the serial number.
Then back to the InCell software then a slide is shown loaded in the machine. A photo is then taken using the predefined filters, and brightfield.
The result is then shown as a overlay and as the individual filter results.
The slide is then shown again and the video ends with a frontal shot of the GE InCell Analyzer 2000

The video #2 shows BioImageXD software and the ability to use for 3D Deconvolution.
Using the In Cell 2000 we took 6/1 slices or photos at different focal points on the z axis (10 step) of carpet fibers that were stained with Rhodamin B taken with the TexasRed filter in place.
Then these Slices are imported into BioImageXD and used the 3D Deconvolution tool to make 3D image.
Also the projection tool is used to get picture of all planes in focus. (Note: BioImageXD software is not currently installed and was used to demonstrate ability of function from open source 3rd party software.)




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Video #1

Video #2

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GE In Cell Analyzer 2000 Cell Imaging Pred. to In Cell 2200

Manufacturer Description and Specification:

Super-fast, sensitive, and flexible wide-field cell imaging system for a broad range of high-content assays. The GE IN Cell 2200 is the only HCA system on the market that offers deconvolution image restoration resulting in more accurate image segmentation and quantification.

  • Perform anything from investigative microscopy to automated high-content screening.
  • Image organelles, cells, tissues, and whole organisms.
  • Carry out fixed end-point assays as well as extended live-cell studies.

Building on the extremely successful IN Cell Analyzer 2000 system, IN Cell Analyzer 2200 is designed to bring efficiency and flexibility to your imaging, making both simple and complex high-throughput, high-content assays an everyday reality. With a scientific-grade CMOS camera and bright solid-state light source as standard, IN Cell Analyzer 2200 reduces exposure times and maximizes speed while delivering high-quality images. Confocal-like images can also be obtained using the rapid image restoration options in the control software. IN Cell Analyzer 2200 can image a two-color 96-well plate assay in less than 2.5 min. This speed is achieved through the highly optimized optical system and highly efficient control software, helping you spend your time where it matters most—on your research.
Designed for Flexibility

IN Cell Analyzer 2200 incorporates intuitive and easy-to-use tools that simplify the imaging process for different sample types and enable a wide range of applications, including compound screening, predictive toxicology, protein localization and trafficking, functional studies, and stem cell analysis. IN Cell Analyzer 2200 can also be configured to your specific needs. Choose from a wide range of optional modules and accessories to build the instrument you need now, or upgrade as your needs evolve.
Transform Images into Knowledge

Obtaining images from IN Cell Analyzer 2200 is only the first step on the road to discovery through high-content imaging. Easy-to-use, flexible analysis and visualization tools are key to unlocking the full potential that high-content analysis offers.

Manufacturer Documentation:

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