GE AKTA M-925 Mixer w/ 0.6ml Chamber

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GE AKTA M-925 Mixer w/ 0.6ml Chamber


GE AKTA M-925 Mixer w/ 0.6ml Chamber | Priced $289.00 | (16790)

Here is a GE AKTA M-925 Mixer w/ 0.6ml Chamber

We have a total of (10) of these GE AKTA M-925 Mixer units. Each sold separately. (Note from Eric: Mark, please adjust qty to 10. I do not have ability to adjust)

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This GE AKTA M-925 Mixer is in good working order.

Testing we performed:
The GE AKTA M-925 Mixer passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested using UNICORN software ver5.1 to confirm functionality: PASSED
Tested/flushed all chamber flow ports: PASSED
Tested function of mixer motor:PASSED
Verified mixing chamber stir operates smoothly:PASSED

System consists of:
GE AKTA M-925 Mixer
0.6ml Chamber

Configuration and Setup:
FPLC Mixer w/ .6mL mixing chamber
Max Pressure Range: 0.6mL chamber: 25MPa at 0.001-100ml/min (100 bar, 1450 psi)
Flow Range- 0.001-100ml/min

- 2 step mixing
- Flow rates up to 100ml/mins
- Interchangeable mixing chambers with volumes of 90ul, 0.2, 0.6, 2, 5 or 12mL

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GE AKTA M-925 Mixer w/ 0.6ml Chamber

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