GE AKTA Explorer 100 Flash Purification FPLC Pred. to Avant SOLDOUT

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GE AKTA Explorer 100 Flash Purification FPLC Pred. to Avant SOLDOUT


GE AKTA Explorer 100 Flash Purification FPLC Pred. to Avant SOLDOUT | Priced $0.00 | (12872)

Here is a GE AKTA Explorer Flash Purification FPLC Pred. to Avant

Made in 2009

Predecessor to:
AKTA Avant

This GE AKTA Explorer Flash Purification FPLC system is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The GE AKTA Explorer Flash Purification FPLC passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
The following onboard tests were performed to the main components (P-900 pump / UV-900 detector / pH/C-900 )
Prom test: PASSED
Display test: PASSED
Key test: PASSED
Dial test: PASSED
Uninet 1&2 test: PASSED
Buzzer test: PASSED

Extended testing for UV-900
Block filter test: PASSED
Digital inports test: PASSED
Lamp intensity test: PASSED
Light intensity test: PASSED
Noise test (10 loops): PASSED
Stepper motor test: PASSED
Dark current test: PASSED
Motor stress test: PASSED

Extended Testing for P-900
Variable flow tests up to system maximum/minimum: PASSED
Pressure test / Pressure alarm: PASSED

Extended testing for sample pump
Pressure: PASSED

Manually tested every position of every motor valve

Tested Frac-950 positions and flow.

UV flowcell test: PASSED

Conductivity flowcell test: PASSED

pH probe test: PASSED (ph fluids, 4-7-10)   - Please note PH probe is not guaranteed. This is a PM part and might/might not need to be replaced.

System consists of:
AKTA Explorer 100 System including:
P-900 Pump w/ 100 Pump heads
UV-900 Monitor
pH/C-900 Monitor
P-960 Sample Pump
M-925 Mixer w/ 2mL Mixing chamber
Air-912N flow cell
IV-908 motor valve
(2) INV-907 motor valve
(4) PV-908 motor valve
CU-950 Control Box
Frac-950 Fraction Collector w/ 120-Tube Rack A (12mm tubes)
(2) 3-port switch valves
Laptop with unicorn 5.11 software
Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
P-900 pump flow rate : 0.01-100ml per minute
UV/vis - pH - conductivity
Software: Unicorn version 5.11
Fraction collector: Frac-950
Accessories: P-960 sample pump, M-925 mixer w/2ml mixing chamber, Conductivity sensor, Two switch valves (3 ports), 120 tube fraction rack

Video Description:
We zoom out to see a full view of the entire GE AKTA Explorer Flash Purification FPLC.
From here we zoom into the laptop screen to verify connectivity and functionality.
After this we pan over to the other aspects of the main stack, followed by the flow cells and detectors.
From here we briefly pan over the AC motor valves attacked to the door, followed by a front and back view of the Frac-950 fraction collector.
Once complete with our inspection we zoom back out for a final look at the entire GE AKTA Explorer Flash Purification FPLC.

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GE AKTA Explorer 100 Flash Purification FPLC Pred. to Avant SOLDOUT

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