Branson 2000X Ultrasonic Welder w/ AED Actuator

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Branson 2000X Ultrasonic Welder w/ AED Actuator


Branson 2000X Ultrasonic Welder w/ AED Actuator | Priced $13,995.00 | (12495)

Here is a Branson 2000X Ultrasonic Welder w/ AED Actuator

Made by Branson, now branded as Emerson.

Based on the history data it shows that it only performed 600 cycles. Overall unit is in excellent condition and fully functional

Current model with a touch screen.

See video below of the instrument in action.

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Branson 2000X Ultrasonic Welder with AED Actuator is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Branson 2000X Ultrasonic Welder with AED Actuator passed all tests and were found to be fully functional:
Mains power tested, unit powered up and passed all self checks.
All actuators have been calibrated and tested for limits and safety.
Tested pneumatic pressure sensor, unit was run at minimum and maximum recommended PSI, functions as intended.
Successfully weld various plastic components.

System consists of:
Branson 2000xdt 30 : 0.75 Ultrasonic Welder Power Supply
Branson AED 2.0 2000X Actuator
4-post Stage
Communication and power cables

Configuration and Setup:
Cycle Rate: up to 200 cpm. Cycle rate including off time is application and stack dependent
Pneumatic requirements: 100psi clean air supply
Frequency: 30 kHz
Welding modes: energy, peak power, ground detect

Video Description:
We pan over to see the full Branson 2000X Ultrasonic Welder with AED Actuator.
Then we zoom in to the control box, where the display and a brief external inspection of Branson 2000X Ultrasonic Welder with AED Actuator is performed.
The Air gauge is adjusted to show functionality, before we continue to pan around the welder itself showing all relevant serial tags and connections.
Once complete, we pan back around to the front where to scrap pieces of plastic are welded to demonstrate functionality of the Branson 2000X Ultrasonic Welder itself.
After that we return to the display on the control box and the system information is briefly displayed.
Once this stage is complete, we zoom out for one final look a the Branson 2000X Ultrasonic Welder with AED Actuator.

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Actuator Manual:

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Branson 2000X Ultrasonic Welder w/ AED Actuator

Manufacturer Description and Specification:

Branson’s 2000X Series Ultrasonic Assembly Systems are available in multiple control modes: time, energy, peak power, collapse and absolute distance, and that can be directly mounted into electrical enclosures, and custom converters. The converters include CIP (“clean in place”) models, the SST converter for use with servo mechanisms, and the compact 7" side-mount converter.

Branson also manufactures a sequencing unit which allows one power supply to power up to eight actuators, providing additional versatility for automation.

2000X d/aed

  • Weld by time, energy, peak power, ground detect, collapse, absolute
  •     Full VGA touch screen
  •     Available in 4 frequencies – 15, 20, 30, and 40 kHz
  •     Digital amplitude setting
  •     Patented amplitude profiling
  •     Multiple language choices including Japanese, Korean, and Chinese
  •     Multiple communications options
  •     Increased power levels

The d/aed systems feature a full VGA touch screen with simple navigation, graphing, and multiple communications options. A VQS (Visual Quality Screen) provides real-time quality monitoring. Additionally, the user interface provides:

  •     Process graphing with graph overlay capability – graphing of power, collapse distance, amplitude, force, velocity, and frequency.
  •     Power Match Curve: a feature that allows the user to develop a standard power graph, then set limits for process monitoring.
  •     Choice of language for message display and printout – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, traditional and simplified Chinese
  •     USB port for data collection, mouse, printer, etc.
  •     Horn signature graph with comparison of up to three graphs

Manufacturer Documentation:

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