Covaris LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator

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Covaris LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator


Covaris LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator | Priced $32,995.00 | (13873)

Here is a Covaris LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator

with WCS Water Conditioning

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Covaris LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator is in good working order and also has good cosmetic condition.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Covaris LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested Initial Power on unit with no errors: PASSED
Tested Connection between computer software and unit with out problem: PASSED
Tested Degassing: PASSED
Tested Method Creation: PASSED
Tested ultrasonic function of the system in increments of 10% up to 100% intensity: PASSED
Tested System at full intensity and in multiple duty cycles in multiple runs: PASSED
Tested Full movement and placement of sample plates: PASSED
Tested Door lock: PASSED

System consists of:
Covaris LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator
WCS Water Conditioning System
Fisher Isotemp Circulating Chiller
Dell Latitude i5 running Windows 7 Pro with SonoLab software ver7.3
(1) 12 Position Vial Rack
(1) 8 Position Vial Rack
(1) 24 Position Vial Rack
Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Power Rating: 100-240V 50/60Hz 500VAC
Dimensions(WxDxH)/Weight: 24 x 30 x 19in (61 x 76 x 48cm) / 110lbs (50kg)
Applications: DNA shearing for Next-Gen Sequencing, Tissue disruption, protein extraction and cell lysis for epigenetics, Dissolution, thawing and mixing for pharma-based compound management applications
Water Bath Temperature Range: 4C to 50C
Chiller: Fisher Isotemp Circulating Chiller

Video Description:
The Covaris LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator operates identically to the E220x, except that a line transducer is employed, producing a line of focused power rather than a single point.
Acoustic power is thus applied across the sample plate or rack, treating an entire row of tubes or wells in parallel.
The acoustic power is divided approximately across all the samples in a row, so treatment power must be increased accordingly in order to obtain results similar to those obtained with a focused point transducer.


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Covaris LE220 Focused Ultrasonicator

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