Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer

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Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer


Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer | Priced $11,995.00 | (16129)

Here is a Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer

The Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer system has been configured for simplified manual column synthesis.
There is no reaction chamber for plates. Instead, all media flows to a single 4 point manifold on the main deck resulting in 2 outputs.

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested pressure integrity for the overall gas system: PASSED
Tested the connection to software and software control: PASSED
Tested each valve and activator via software control: PASSED
Tested bottle pressure and venting switches: PASSED
Tested protocol editing on the computer: PASSED

Our testing of this Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer confirms the all the hardware is operating as designed.
Due to the way the Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer functions we know that with the proper consumables it will perform the functions it was designed to perform.
With that said you can purchase this Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer with confidence knowing it is ready to go.

System consists of:
Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer system
Computer with Biolytic control software ver5.2 (with keyboard, mouse, soundbar)
Deprotection Manifold (8 positions)
(4) 2gm Molecular Trap
(10) Bottlecap Gaskets
(10) 28mm O-ring
(3) Spare bottle cap fittings
Various style Peek fittings
(6) 38mm bottlecap gasket
(10) Solvent filter
(50) 25um Filter
(2) Solenoid Valves
10gm Molecule trap
(2) 3-way toggle valve assembly
(2) 15psi Pressure switch
(2) Bottle Racks 4 position small bottles
Bag of various styles of tubing
Waste Bottle
Cart assembly with drawer, power supply, and waste shelf
Communication and power cables, and hoses.

Configuration and Setup:
Synthesis Scales: 1 nMole to 2 uMole
Flow Control: positive pressure
Synthesis Capabilities: DNA, RNA, 2'OMethyl, LNA
Gas Inputs: bottle blanketing, purge/drain, pneumatics
Amidite Delivery Systems: up to 23

Video Description:
We pan out and get a look at the whole Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer system.
Zooming in, we see the media drawer and the waste bottle shelf. then over to the power supply. Moving on we focus briefly on each of the sections of this entire system.
Once each component and section of the Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer system has been seen, we zoom out to get one more look at the system as a whole.




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Biolytic Dr.Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizer

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