BioDot CSTM AD1510 Liquid Handler Pred AD1520 SOLDOUT

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BioDot CSTM AD1510 Liquid Handler Pred AD1520 SOLDOUT


BioDot CSTM AD1510 Liquid Handler Pred AD1520 SOLDOUT | Priced $0.00 | (12732)

Here is a BioDot CSTM AD1510 Liquid Handler Pred AD1520

Made in 2012

Predecessor to:
Current model is AD1520

This BioDot CSTM AD1500 Liquid Handler is in good working order and also has good cosmetic condition.

This BioDot CSTM AD1500 Liquid Handler came from a project that was canceled before this system was setup and is unused.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The BioDot CSTM AD1510 Liquid Handler passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Communication with control software: PASSED
Initialization: PASSED
Stage movement XYZ: PASSED
Syringe pump movement: PASSED
Wash Pumps: PASSED
Shuttle 1 and 2 movement: PASSED
Door Sensors: PASSED

System consists of:
BioDot AD1500 CSTM Aspirating and Dispensing Platform
Syringe Pump with 250ul Syringe
BioJet Plus Fixed Tip
(2) Shuttle Controllers
(2) Nest Shuttles (Nest Attachments Not Included)
ILD5000 4-channel Stand Alone Vacuum Degasser
Tubing Kit
Holder Installation Tool for BIOJET Plus
Degasser and Sample Vials
Vial Tray
Vial Holder
Moisture Sensitive Slides
Dell Latitude i5 running Windows 7 Pro with AxSys software ver2
Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Item Type: Liquid Handling System
Dispense Tips: Fixed BioJet Plus Single Channel
Dispense Precision: <10% at 20nl
XY Position Accuracy with Shuttle Nest: 0.025 mm
In Line Degasser: Included

This BioDot CSTM AD1500 Liquid Handler is capable of 250ul transfers using the BioJet Plus Fixed Tip of both chemical and biological reagents.
With the addition of substrate nests this system will be able to house 14 slides, 3 microplates, or membrane hold downs.
This system would be an excellent choice for Biosensors, Biochips, Low volume PCR, Multiplexing ELISAs and DNA or Protein Dispensing applications.

Video Description:
The video begins with a full BioDot CSTM AD1510 Liquid Handler view from the front.
The camera then pans in to show the control software running on the laptop.
The software is then restarted and the camera pans over to show the gantry perform its homing sequence.
The syringe pump is also shown to demonstrate operation. The camera pans back to the computer and the internal pumps for wash and waste are activated.
Next shuttles 1 and 2 are ejected one at a time with manual control.
A brief virtual tour of the system shows the back of the BioDot CSTM AD1510 Liquid Handler and the video ends with a final full system view.


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BioDot CSTM AD1510 Liquid Handler Pred AD1520 SOLDOUT

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