Bio-Rad Luminex Bio-Plex 200 Suspension Array Analyzer

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Bio-Rad Luminex Bio-Plex 200 Suspension Array Analyzer


Here is a Bio-Rad Luminex Bio-Plex 200 Suspension Array Analyzer

Made by Luminex, rebranded by Bio-Rad. This is a rebranded Luminex 200, this is not a Luminex 100

New system sold for 60K

Predecessor to:
Current model.

This Bio-Rad Luminex Bio-Plex 200 Suspension Array Analyzer is in good working order.

Please see the exact video and photos below.

Testing we performed:
The Bio-Rad Luminex Bio-Plex 200 Suspension Array Analyzer passed all tests and was found to be fully functional:
Tested operation Software communication
Tested operation of pneumatic pump and set air pressures to specification
Tested operation of Probe and Probe actuator
Tested operation of SD sheath fluid module
Tested operation sheath fluid valves in system
Tested operation of XYP Microplate stage
Performed calibration procedure
Performed all cleaning and flushing protocols (Prime, Wash, Sanitize, Alcohol Flush, Soak)

By performing the Calibration procedure and getting a passing result verifies that all the tested subsystems are operating together as they are designed.
In order to pull the calibration beads from the Test plate requires proper operation of the XYP Stage, Probe, Probe flow control valve, Probe actuator and operation of the syringe pump and it's valving as well. Then for the calibration beads to be put through the flow cell requires the valving to switch over to the flow cell so the syringe pump can move the sample into the stream of sheath fluid. The pressures and the fluidics need to be operating in the proper ranges so that the calibration beads do not flow too fast or too slow through the flow cell. Then the lasers need to be aligned well enough with the flow cell that the beads can fluore at the right time to be seen by the detectors. Then the detectors need to be operating properly to receive the fluorescent light and convert it to an electrical signal to be processed by the system and the software on the computer to provide a Passed calibration result.

Based on our tests we are certain this Bio-Rad Luminex Bio-Plex 200 Suspension Array Analyzer is operating as it is designed at the time of testing.

System consists of:
Bio-Plex 200 analyzer
XYP Microplate Stage
SD Sheath Delivery
96-well Anodized aluminum Microplate
Sheath Fluid Bottle w/ Two Attached Hoses
Waist Bottle w/ one Attached Hose
Set of Sheath And Air Hoses
Dell Latitude i5 running Windows 7 Pro with Luminex100 IS software ver2.3
Communication and power cables.

Configuration and Setup:
Laser type: Reporter Laser 532 nm and Classification Laser 635 nm
Number of lasers: 2 Lasers
System checks for type of bead and if bead has analytes attached to it.
Sample handling: System uses 96 well-plates

Video Description:
This video starts by showing the Bio-Rad Luminex Bio-Plex 200 Suspension Array Analyzer performing calibration functions.
While these are running we do a walk around of the Bio-Rad Luminex Bio-Plex 200 Suspension Array Analyzer and show all manufactures tags.

Calibration Log #1:

Calibration Log #2:

Luminex 200 Analyzer Datasheet:

Luminex XYP Datasheet:

Luminex SD Datasheet:

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Bio-Rad Luminex Bio-Plex 200 Suspension Array Analyzer

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